Police Hunt For Thieves Who Heartlessly Stole Three 9/11 Memorial Plaques From A Park

Police Hunt For Thieves Who Heartlessly Stole Three 9/11 Memorial Plaques From A Park

Last week, three out of four bronze plaques were stolen from Monmouth County 9/11 Memorial on Mount Mitchill.

Three bronze plaques commemorating the victims of the tragic 9/11 attack have been stolen from a memorial in New Jersey just weeks after the world mourned its 18th anniversary. Now, the local police department is searching for the party responsible for it. According to a report by CNN, three out of four bronze plaques went missing between Wednesday and Thursday last week from the Monmouth County 9/11 Memorial on Mount Mitchill.


The stolen plaques were a part of the three memorials present at Mount Mitchill,  a park in Atlantic Highlands, created with the sole purpose of remembering the events of the tragic day and honoring the memory of the loved ones who were lost. "This is a place where people especially families come here to remember their loved ones," said Sierra Ortiz while speaking to Fox News. "It’s disgusting that someone would actually do that." According to the Monmouth County Parks website each of these plaques had a detailed record of the event that took place in the three-hour time span of that tragic morning inscribed on it. 


Each of these plaques was then wedged into boulders and placed along a walkway that leads to the sculpture of an eagle overlooking the New York skyline. "I constantly walk up that path and read what happened on that day and it’s just unbelievable that someone would take it away," said Cindy Sullivan. According to the website, 147 people from Monmouth County passed aways during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and in order to preserve and cherish their memory, this memorial was created. 


In an attempt to catch the ones who shamelessly stole the plaques, the Atlantic Highlands Police department is offering $1,000 reward for anyone who could provide any information regarding the theft which could lead to a conviction. Taking to their official Facebook account the Atlantic Highlands Police Department wrote: The Atlantic Highlands Police Department is looking for information regarding the theft of 9/11 Memorial Plaques from Mt. Mitchell. The Atlantic Highlands PBA 242 will be offering $1,000 dollars to anyone who can provide information that leads to a conviction. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Atlantic Highlands Police Department at (732)291-1212.


Social media denizens were naturally appalled at this senseless act.  Facebook user Laurie Tietjen wrote: Our charity would like to pay for replacement plaques. Do you know who we could speak to to get them replaced? Thank you! Another, Joseph Strehl added: So sad. But thank you to the PBA 242 for the reward. Hope they are caught. Twitter user @bks4ever noted: Do we have to start putting cameras everywhere??? Really?


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