Pharrell Williams And His Son Spent Good Friday Serving Hot Meals To The Homeless

Pharrell Williams And His Son Spent Good Friday Serving Hot Meals To The Homeless

An effort carried out by the Los Angeles Mission revealed how Pharrell Williams and his son chose to spend their afternoon serving food.

Pharrell Williams is more than your average American rapper. He is known by all for his selfless acts of kindness and this Good Friday he had a special someone to share these good deeds with. On Good Friday, an annual effort was conducted by a homeless shelter, Los Angeles Mission, to cater to the city's homeless population. Like every year, they provided them with a hot and hearty meal, shoes along with an Easter basket filled with goodies. 

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The Happy singer was seen voluntarily serving food to these people with his little 10-year-old son, Rocket by his side. Los Angeles Mission posted a picture on their Twitter account thanking the musician for this noble act. They captioned it as: "A HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers like @Pharrell Williams for supporting our community. Your dedication is truly appreciated!" 


According to a report by TMZ, the organization filled the belly of nearly 4000 people with lip-smacking meals. This included pork topped with an apple glaze some old classics like mac and cheese and King's Hawaiian rolls and finished it off with a peach crisp for dessert. Pharrell and his son spend the message of kindness, love, and hope by investing their afternoon catering to the less fortunate.

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Of course, this is not the first time this musician volunteered his services for this mission. He has been offering his help at the L.A. Mission a few times every year. Last year's Thanksgiving is another instance when he helped put a smile across these helpless people. That year more than 3000 people were fed and provided with hygiene kits, blankets, and socks, among various other items. 

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Unlike some celebs, Pharrell had a rather normal childhood. His father worked as a handyman and his mother was a teacher. Things started taking shape when he formed his two-man band, Neptune, with his producer partner Chad in seventh grade. Slowly this production grew and he was soon able to release his single. But he wasn't satisfied there and turned to philanthropy as a means to give back to society's less privileged. 


He has worked towards many social caused and did everything in his power to make this world a happy place. From putting up a fight to save the planet to promoting the importance of education he has done it all. If you take a look at the list of foundations he has extended his help to you'll be amazed. Global Citizen, Joining Forces, Musicians on Call, Gabrielle's Angel Foundation are just some of many charities he's worked with.


The singer/rapper believes in everyone's right to be happy and thinks of doing so by playing a small part in it. He's also known for spreading powerful messages and he follows what he preaches. What's nice to see is that he's passing on the same virtues onto his son, Rocket. As the saying goes, 'Hospitality begins at home', he's surely living up to it. Fortunately, he's not the only star who is trying to make an impact as more and more celebrities are joining the Philanthropist Club every day.


Apart from Pharrell, there were other celebrities who were seen extending a helping hand towards this noble cause. Emmy Rossum, Danny Trejo, Minnie Driver, and Kevin Hart are a few others who have been taking some time out from their busy schedule to serve them a slice of happiness. Such philanthropic deeds just cannot be overlooked and we are swelled with gratitude for their work. 


Emmy Rossum, among several other actors, has had a huge role in feeding several people on Christmas Eve of 2015. Along with other celebrity stars, she helped to feed around 3000 homeless people in Los Angeles. She was all set to make a difference with her chef's hat and a red apron. Rossum has also played a role in supporting charities and foundations like 'Best Friends Animal Society', Global Green' and 'Unicef'.


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