Grieving Cat Spends A Year Next To Owner's Grave Refusing To Leave Her Side

Grieving Cat Spends A Year Next To Owner's Grave Refusing To Leave Her Side

28-year-old Keli Keningau Prayitno heard the cat crying near the burial plot and though he tried to adopt her, the cat went back to the grave.

Representative Image Source: Dave Fimbres Photography/Getty

The love animals have for their human friends is truly unconditional, even in death.  A cat in Indonesia was beside herself after her owner passed away. According to the Mirror, the cat was so heartbroken that she spent a year living at her owner's grave refusing to leave her side. 28-year-old Keli Keningau Prayitno was passing by the burial plot in Central Java one day when he heard the cat crying. 



Concerned about the cat's safety, Prayitno attempted to adopt her. He brought her home with him only to find that the cat had returned to the same spot to cuddle the small blue headstone of her owner. What's more surprising is that she walks to her former home every single day, where she is fed by the late old lady's kids, and heads back to the grave. Heartbreaking pictures shared by the outlet show the little kitty sitting on the grave and mourning the death of her owner who must have meant the world to her. 


"Since the cat's mother died she has stayed here at the grave. She does not want to go home. She has been here for almost a year," shared Prayitno. "I thought she was homeless and tried to help but every time she would keep returning to the same place." Then one day, the father-of-one decided to follow the cat. "I followed her and she was going to the home where she used to live and the lady's children would feed her. Then the cat would go back again to the same place. She sleeps there and meows," he said, adding, "It's very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners."


Prayitno learned that her former owner was an old lady named Kundari. On many occasions, the cat has been offered food and water by people who pass by the place. But the cat has never been tempted to leave the side of her late master. She simply refused to let go of the grave and is often found rolling in the earth and sleeping there every night. "We take some food and water to the cat but she still likes to go home. She's at the grave every day," added Prayitno. 

The same year (i.e. 2016), a dog passed away after waiting for her owner on a roadside in Chanthaburi, according to Bangkok Post. The three-year-old Thai breed dog named Loung was found lifeless on Sukhumvit road in Muang district. Loung had been waiting at the roadside spot for more than one year expecting her owner to bring her home. Thanks to the kindness of other residents in the locality, the dog would never go hungry as they would provide her with food and water. 


It is reportedly believed that the pet had accidentally fallen from a vehicle that was driven by her owner who was not aware of it. When her story went viral on social media, some claimed to be her owner. However, after they took her in the pooch ran away into fruit orchards and refused to go back with them. She continued waiting for her owner to return to the spot but unfortunately died without being reunited. 

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