People Warn Parents About The Dangers Of Allowing Their Kids To Mistreat Pets

People Warn Parents About The Dangers Of Allowing Their Kids To Mistreat Pets

Even the most peaceful dog can snap if it's being bothered constantly. Parents/dog owners need to be responsible when they have both kids and pets under one roof.

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No matter how adorable dogs are, we cannot forget the fact that they are after all animals. Although they don't intend on harming their loving owners, they too might get agitated by someone's annoying behavior. For instance, if your child has constantly been pulling your pet's ear or pinching it while playing and the dog suddenly snaps. Who should be blamed for injuries that follow? This was the subject of one thread that revealed the dangers of letting one's kids mistreat animals at home. It explained how animals and children often get hurt just because their parents weren't responsible enough. 

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Taking to Instagram, a professional dog obedience trainer posted a photograph showing what kids should not be doing animals. She wrote: Prime example of what NOT to allow. Eventually, it will come to a head and the dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and rehomed or likely euthanized. Stop allowing children to mistreat dogs. It's not cute. It's not funny. It's not playful. It's dangerous and stupid. The dog and child pay the consequences for the parents lack of common sense. 


The post immediately gained a lot of attention on Tumblr. While some had the notion that "a good dog will never hurt a baby," and "the child is never to blame if the dog attacks," there were many who shot these comments down and explained why they are wrong. User libertarirynn wrote: Listen here you [Redacted]: dogs. Are not. [Redacted]. People. They don’t operate by human logic. They don’t follow human moral codes. It has nothing to do with it being a "good dog" or not. If you were getting hit and pulled on and punched and scratched constantly, you just might react. A dog can’t speak up and say "hey please stop that you’re hurting me". What he can do is move, lunge, bite, etc. These actions might intentionally or unintentionally harm your child.



Furthermore, it read: Use your [Redacted] head and don’t let your kid beat up on your dog no matter how many times he’s "taken it" before; you never know when he might snap. Don’t teach your kids it’s OK to treat animals like punching bags and they’ll never react. That’s immensely unfair to both the animal and the child. You could have a hurt or dead child and a euthanized dog because you were [Redacted] dumbass who thought the dogs were just there to be treated like toys. Same goes for cats and any other pet. Teach your child how to properly treat animals or don’t have any [Redacted] animals.



User ainawgsd described a terrifying incident: My last dog nearly bit my oldest child twice as an infant. Both times were when the child surprised him in what was surely a painful way (such as tripping and accidentally landing on him while he was sleeping). Thankfully the dog had excellent bite inhibition and stopped before making contact, but if he had made contact the bite would not have been his fault. 
I never left my children unsupervised with the animals when they were too young to understand how to behave around them. Even from a very young age, my kids realized that if the animals did something “bad,” it was due to human error allowing that thing to happen. Yes, they got scratched occasionally as toddlers, but they also realized that it was because of how they approached the cat and they didn’t do that next time.

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During an interview with Bored Panda, animal behavior specialist Vida Radzeviciene voiced the same concerns, "First of all, kids should learn that a dog is not a toy. It’s crucial that children remain under parental supervision when interacting with a dog. It’s important that parents show their kids how to treat a dog, how to play with him and enjoy his company. Tell your little ones that a dog doesn’t like to be disturbed when sleeping or eating, and as a result might become angry. Mutual respect is key. Always educate your kids about how to treat animals. You can’t just go and grab a dog to get his attention, always call him and wait for him to come to you. Any dog can be provoked, especially when there are no adults around. That’s when a dog might decide to discipline your kid himself. Unfortunately, he can’t speak human language, nor does he know how to handle the subtleties of our communication. There’s only one way dogs discipline your ill-behaved kids, and that’s how his own mom would discipline him."

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