People Are Piercing Their Fingers Instead Of Wearing Rings, And It Looks Downright Painful

People Are Piercing Their Fingers Instead Of Wearing Rings, And It Looks Downright Painful

In this latest trend, people insert needle-like rods through their skin to fuse their engagement rings to their finger.

Every little girl dreams of having the perfect wedding.  But the magic begins with the ring, and being proposed to with the right kind of ring makes a world of difference.  At some point, you would've laid your eyes on your mother's sparkly wedding ring and hoped to get something exactly like her's. That being said, we all know how our taste and preferences change over time. 


Rings are symbolic as they signify a commitment between two people. Most people opt for a traditional route when it comes to engagement rings, but there are others who take a much more innovative approach so as to make them stand out from the rest.  Earlier, people would tattoo their ring fingers. But now there is a trend where piercing their fingers instead of wearing the rings is in.  Yes, you read that right.


Customized engagement piercings are the hottest trend that's slowing picking up steam. A Facebook page,  Cultura Colectiva + shared a video (not for the faint-hearted) showing several people getting the lower region of their fingers pierced.


In this collection of clips, fingers of various individuals are seen clamped in place before a sharp and thick needle-like metal rod is pushed through the folds of the skin.  Some prefer simple stone studs while others go with a more elaborate design involving bars. Talk about taking your commitment to a whole another level! 


As painful as it might sound, it's a very popular trend among people these days. One might be horror-struck at the very thought of having a "gnarly" ring on your fingers but everyone does crazy things for love, so who are we to really judge? The video provides a little detail about the healing process that I know most of you are dying to know! Well, it takes a year to heal completely, so you might want to rethink this before making your final decision. 


A popular misconception of this trend is that you pierce your bones. Piercing a bone would be a rather long and painful surgical procedure! But, that's not true. It's only your skin that gets punctured.  This procedure is similar to dermal piercings, used during chests piercings, where a flat plate sits beneath the skin exposing a small piece of jewelry on the surface.


As is with any procedure, there are risks involved.  A quick look on Instagram stories will show you ample engagement piercings failures. Experts stress on the need to properly position the jewelry.  If the piercing is embedded too deep, chances are that your skin would grow over them, which is part of the natural healing process. If it's not deep enough, the piercing would shift around and is likely to rip out of your skin.


So, always consult an expert before you go in for the piercing. After the video went viral, people commented about this bizarre trend. As expected, a majority of people were dead set against it. Ironically, Facebook user Shelley Desind, who happens to be a body piercer, too did not support this procedure.


She wrote: This will surface in a month!! I’m a body Piercer and the Ins Diamond it will just fall out!! Washing your hands don’t do it wast of money and then if they are going to put threw like the infected finger that’s will happen and it will DEFINITELY surface just buy a ring and get your nose pierced!! Lol Heather Suzan Ford's sensibly added: Uhhh can you say INFECTION?!! It is a proven fact that your hands are more disgusting than your own butt! Think about it! Your hands touch EVERYTHING!! 🤢 Meanwhile, Christina Chouinard Coan had an interesting analogy: Nowadays, in the time it takes this piercing to heal completely, many marriages would have already dissolved.


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