You Can Now Adopt Dogs Who Failed Government Training For Being 'Too Friendly'

You Can Now Adopt Dogs Who Failed Government Training For Being 'Too Friendly'

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has organized an adoption program to find new homes for the energetic and adorable ‘dropouts' of their canine training programs.

Dogs are god's gift to humanity and we love all of them dearly. However, in the field of serious training and fieldwork, some of them naturally align towards their jobs whereas others don't quite make the cut and fail to 'graduate' from their service training programs.

The U.S. government, in fact, has many such programs where healthy breeds of canines are trained from puppies to become strong, formidable security dogs. There are more than 900 TSA canine teams deployed nationwide. 



It's too bad (or good) that several dogs don't make it through the training processes because of their innate friendly nature. The result is that these dogs are now up for adoption by the general public. Wow! That's indeed something considering that each dog is healthy as can be. Now, thanks to this program, they will now get a chance to live in a home where they are loved and cared for. 

The TSA Canine Adoption Program reported the news to Insider that they are ready to pairs up puppies and large breeds typically between two and four years old, who did not meet the required criteria for government work with anyone looking to adopt and care for them. They also on occasion have some retired dogs who can also be listed for adoption to see their remaining days in a happy home. 



Organizations like Freedom Service Dogs of America, Mission K9, and Service Dogs Inc.works to match these adorable training failures with humans only too happy to give them a home for the rest of their days and love them forever. Mission K9 works to find older service dogs homes where they can take a well-deserved retirement. Freedom Service Dogs of America trains shelter dogs to become service dogs and places those that don't make the cut for adoption to loving families.


To go and adopt one of these dogs require you to complete a rather lengthy process, and they do issue a formal statement with each adoption that the “dogs are highly active and in most cases, untrained and not housebroken,” but they also “with proper training and care, they can be a great addition to families.”



People who wish to adopt these 'dropout' puppies and doggos can do so at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas and must go and complete the process themselves. But currently, due to excess demand and rates of adoption, the authorities are not currently accepting any more applications for a short while. This can only mean that they need more dogs to be dropped from their service training if they are going to allow people to adopt them. 

The complete list of minimum requirements that are needed for submitting an adoption application can be viewed on the TSA website. Among the requirements are having no plans of moving anywhere within the next six months, having a yard that’s completely fenced and protected, and being able to provide the dog training, nutrition, exercise, proper medical care, and love. Approved applicants will be asked to travel to San Antonio, Texas twice. The first purpose of the first visit is to meet the dogs while the second one is to take the pet home.



The reason this initiative began was that not all of the dogs who enter into service-dog training end up graduating. Several of the puppies are quite nervous and fail due to that reason. Often, there is also a lack of drive or motivation in the dogs to become a real beast through hard work and dedicated training. Lastly, many of the dogs are literally 'too friendly' and have too nice a temperament to be fit for police or rescue work. 


Dogs are not very different from people in that regard, we all have our own unique and special talents. Someone may be just born to be a bodybuilder or molded themselves through sheer willpower and practice to be an athlete. Similarly, some dogs have it in them to grow tough and strong and serve dangerous jobs, whereas others are sweet and carefree and would make the best house pets.

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