People Are Piercing Their Fingers Instead Of Getting A Ring, And It Looks Painful

People Are Piercing Their Fingers Instead Of Getting A Ring, And It Looks Painful

While it may be a cheaper alternative to an actual diamond ring, it does come with its fair share of risks.

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Wedding rings really do have a charm of their own, and I remember how I wanted someone to give me a beautiful diamond ring that would blow me off my feet and have the world's most romantic proposal. However, with time, trends change too, but I just cannot wrap my head around the latest beauty trend that's here to replace the good old engagement rings. Sure, there have been instances where people have chosen to go ahead with tattoos on their ring fingers to make it a more permanent affair, and some have even abandoned jewelry altogether. However, now, some people are taking a rather painful-looking way by getting their fingers pierced. 


These are known as dermal finger piercings, Global News states. Apart from looking painful and uncomfortable, it also comes with a bunch of other complications. “There are digital nerves and arteries that supply the finger, and if you were to pierce through them it would be a big problem,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, medical director and founder of DLK on Avenue. “You could get a hematoma and lose blood supply to the finger. Also, if you hit a nerve, it could cause numbness and problems with movement.” A spokesperson told BBC Three, “If the piercing is not deep enough there is a risk of it moving, known as migration."



"If it is too deep the skin begins to grow over the piercing, known as embedding. Other risks include inflammation, scarring, and infection – particularly if it is on the hands, as is the case with these particular piercings." The piercing is also prone to infection, given how the wound is open and exposed. Do you really think this is worth it? “If you catch your finger on something, it could cause tearing or scarring, and scarring, in particular, can cause significant problems in a range of motion and function of the finger. Unlike other parts of the body, the finger doesn’t have a lot of tissue and it’s hard to graft over that area,” she says.



Leaving medicos aside, even tattoo and piercing artists are refusing to perform this dangerous procedure. Whitny Lapointe, a body piercer, says she won't do it, nor will most other reputed studios. “It’s highly infectious because you’re always touching things with your hands, and it’s very likely that you’ll get it caught on things,” she says. “It’s not safe.” Also, this piercing will not last for too long. It might stay for a few months, but after that it may just fall off, considering just how much movement our hands go through every single day. “I get a lot of people coming in showing me pictures [of finger piercings] from Instagram and Pinterest asking for the same thing, but I tell them it’s not a good idea,” she says.



“It’s trendy and I guess somewhat unique, but in the long run, you’re better off getting an actual ring.” Sure, it may be cheaper than getting an actual diamond ring, but think about the medical expenses you'll have to incur if something goes wrong. Also, it's supposed to be very painful. However, some say it's not all that bad.  "You're going to feel it. You're getting pierced. It is a little bit painful, but people do it, and I have a lot of people who say, 'Oh, nice. It's nothing; I expected more [pain],'" Tattoo artist Sam Abbas says, according to Allure. The choice really is yours, but an engagement ring will last longer than a piercing, that's for sure. 


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