People Are Now Getting Their Eyeballs Pierced As Part Of Jewelry Trend And It Looks Painful

People Are Now Getting Their Eyeballs Pierced As Part Of Jewelry Trend And It Looks Painful

There's a new trend in the market every day, and then there are people who are willing to spend $$$ to keep up with it. Is it really worth the risk?

Your body is a wonderland, said John Mayer, and people have been taking it too literally. Piercings and tattoos are a common sight these days, with folks coming up with new ways to design their body. Getting a piercing that is not just on your ear is a growing trend that's become a huge hit over the years, and plebians are just voluntarily getting their noses, lips, eyebrows, nipples, and even genitals pierced as part of the recent trend. Now, an eye surgeon has discovered that you can now expurgate your own eyeballs to fit jewelry in. 



While thinking of this make mine twitch, piercing enthusiasts were up to their eyeballs in it! Wonder who's the man behind the tattooed eyeballs? It's none other than Dr. Emil Chynn, the 'Most Experienced LASEK Surgeon in the US'. The experienced surgeon is now offering his services and piercing people's eyeballs surgically. According to Daily Mail, Emil implants a platinum piece of jewelry into his patients' eyes. Um, that doesn't sound comfortable, at all.



The famous surgeon shared a video of him performing the trending new surgery to let potential patients know how the surgery is done and that it is absolutely safe. Would you have the courage to actually get this done, honestly? Shockingly enough, some people who have a few $$$ in their pockets to spare have paid a visit to the doctor in New Jersey.  When it comes to the jewelry that goes into your eyeball, it needs to be very specific in size, ideally - 3mm-by-4mm-wide.


How is it done, you ask? The patient is asked to lie down comfortably and given a strong anesthetic. The doctor then lines a crosshair to determine where the jewelry should be placed. Then, Chynn makes an incision in the membrane of the patient's eye, big enough to fit the jewelry piece. The process is said to be 'painless' and the patient doesn't feel anything. The whole thing only takes about 4-5 minutes and can be easily done if you have $3,000-$5000 to spare.


The incision takes up to three days to heal, and the doctor says that the person doesn't feel the jewelry when they blink as it is inserted at the natural level of the eye. Also, the metal is non-allergic, and he adds that getting a surgery like this done has no side effects at all. And, if you do get bored of your eye piercing at some point, it is not impossible to get rid of them. They can be removed with another surgical procedure that lasts around 4-5 minutes. 


"Eye jewelry was developed in Holland over a decade ago and has been successfully implanted into hundreds of patients' eyes in Europe without a single major complication or adverse event," Emil said. "This is purely cosmetic surgery. There are only two or three people in the whole of the United States of America that have undergone this." Dr. Emil also performs eye-tattoos, including corneal tattoos for blind people.


You know, I'm one of those people that can't even sit still when I need to put in a few eye drops in me. I tend to panic and create havoc. It's just that the idea of a foreign object in my eyes makes me squirm, and there are people who are willing to spend crazy amounts of money to actually have a foreign object in their eye, just because it's the in thing right now. But...why? 


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