The Banana Clip From The 80s Is Back, And People Are Going Bananas Over It

The Banana Clip From The 80s Is Back, And People Are Going Bananas Over It

This is perfect to make your hair look voluminous!

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Fashion trends from our previous generations have been making a comeback. The theme now is retro and flair, so does it really surprise you that a hair accessory that gained a lot of popularity in the 1980s is making its way back now? Yes, the banana clip is back, guys. Remember when our moms and aunts used this device to pull their hair back into a ponytail? A banana clip is a concave U-shaped accessory made up of two plastic sides that come together in the middle with stretchy teeth that hold hair in place, as per The Southern Living. When you use a banana clip, your hair appears to cascade down, like a waterfall. Look at just how beautiful Kristen Bell looks with a banana clip ponytail!


The best part about the banana clip is that it works on any kind of hair. All you need to do is unhinge the top, collect your hair, and get it between the clip. Pinch it all together and lock the top of the clip and your hair is secure while looking magnificent. They also add a ton of volume to your hair, according to Romper. Banana clips are the way to go and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. This is your chance to display your locks in something other than a messy bun without worrying about how thin it looks. Trust me, Fall 2020 is going to be filled with people going bananas over banana clips and you don't want to miss out on the fun, either!


While this is one of the saner trends to make it's way around, there was a time when people wanted their eyelashes curled, probably to match their perm. As we reported earlier, Sofie Petersen is the genius mind behind this whole thing. In a now-deleted post, Petersen shared a picture of her curly lashes and that set the trend ablaze. People just wanted to imitate the influencer and the eye pubes (as coined by Instagram) went viral. Petersen actually posted it as a humorous nudge celebrating puberty but not everyone knew that. Speaking of eyelashes, fake eyelashes have been widely used to give that extra oomph, but some people thought it would be great to take it off and stuff it up their nostrils. 


It all started when Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen innovatively curled a set of false eyelashes and stuck them around each of her nostrils and christened them 'nose hair extensions'. What really gave her the inspiration to come up with such an innovative (not) trend? The trendsetter told Pop Sugar, "I just feel it's boring to have hair extensions on a normal place." That's one way of putting it! One look at her Instagram profile and you realize she's quite the fashionista, with her Coca-cola lashes and what not. It does seem like we've spent years trimming our nostril hair when we should have just let it grow. 


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