Pastor Convicted Of Raping 14-Year-Old Daughter Gets Shorter Sentence For Being A "Man Of God"

Pastor Convicted Of Raping 14-Year-Old Daughter Gets Shorter Sentence For Being A "Man Of God"

David Richards kept defending himself until the very end and got a relatively reduced sentence due to his "amazing" work as a pastor

In the sea of heart-breaking news surfaced one more that will make your soul stir. Recently, a pastor was discovered guilty of raping his adoptive daughter and was sentenced to serve a period of 12 years in prison. The usual time period for such a heinous crime is usually higher whereas David Richards was given a sentence at least 60 years less than the maximum term that prosecutors aim for. 


The 41-year old pastor was found guilty on several grounds which include incest, rape, and sexual battery against his daughter, Amber Richards - who has chosen to be identified and named publicly. According to Knoxville News Sentinel, he has been committing this heinous crime against his child who is now 14 years of age. In the light of the magnitude of his crime, the sentence laid on him was pretty liberal. This comes right after the Judge on the case, Steve Sword, took Richards work as a pastor and his role key role in leading a Bible study at the prison into consideration.


As a result, Richards' jail time was reconsidered due to these factors. In most cases, the victims of sexual crimes are quite hesitant to identify themselves in the court of law. But it wasn't the same for Amber who made the bold choice of providing a public testimony against her adoptive father soon after he was convicted of his misdeeds in February. The sentence she made was truly distressing.


Beginning her sentence she said how she wanted nothing to do with her body. The picture of what her guardian did to her haunts her every single day. She said, "I wanted to throw my body away. Not a day goes by that I don’t, in some way, think of what he did to me." She further assures everyone that given a chance Richards would not hesitate to repeat what he did. "I firmly believe if given the opportunity, he would victimize another girl," she added.

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The prosecutors also mentioned how Amber was abused continuously for two whole years before she summoned the courage to inform the authorities. After a thorough forensic investigation, traces of Richards' semen was discovered his daughter's bed. But it wasn't a surprise that Richards decided to deny all such accusations. While on the witness stand, he maintained the fact that he was indeed innocent. He simply said, "I stand before you convicted of crimes I did not commit. I simply believe the system just erred in this case."


Furthermore, he added, "I’m not sure why I’m here…but I assume it’s for his (God’s) purpose." Richards had a lot of support from his former parishioners from 'My Father’s House Church of God' in Lenoir City where he used to be a pastor. About 30 of his friends and parishioners were present at the courtroom in his support. One of Richards fellow pastors, David Thomspon, who shared ministry duties with him also testified in his favor. He said, "I find it impossible for me to believe he’s guilty of this. His business needs him. His family needs him. Our church needs him."


As per the state law, all of the charges against Richards could only be punished by probation, excluding sexual battery by an authority figure. This charge that he was convicted of orders a jail time of at least three years. Due to these statements not being in his favor Richards is looking for a new trial that would acquit him of his crimes.

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In video footage posted by USA TODAY Network, Amber Richards says, "I'm just glad that I can finally move on with my life. And I didn't really do this for me. I did it so it didn't happen to anybody else. and so nobody else is in the same situation as I am, especially amazing kids. They don't deserve to go through things like that and if I had to be the one to make sure that it never happens again then I would want to do that."


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