Parents Struggle To Get Diapers, Formula, And Other Baby Essentials, Due To Mass Hoarding

Parents Struggle To Get Diapers, Formula, And Other Baby Essentials, Due To Mass Hoarding

The shortage has gotten parents worried about procuring basic necessities for their toddlers.

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People cannot get their hands on products needed for personal hygiene because others have hoarded them. Toilet paper, soaps, sanitizers, and many other essentials flew out of supermarkets. While this seems to be a problem, several moms are worried because there seems to be a shortage of baby formula, diapers and other essentials needed for the baby. Understandably, these new parents are panicked. It's not easy to change a baby's eating patterns overnight. What will they do to get their babies to eat formula substitutes? Do they even exist? 


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there's no actual data to show there's a shortage in supply of these particular items. As a matter of fact, they have noted that most supermarkets are working tirelessly to restock items that are flying off the shelves, except for hand sanitizer, which is still hard to come by. However, there are several people who have taken to social media to voice their woes. Kristina Ingerson shared:  Ok. This is getting insane and stupid. Diapers, wipes, and formula are being resold on the marketplace. Not only that but local Moms are telling me they have been seeing Moms break down in tears because the 5th store they have been to is out of diapers, wipes, and FORMULA.


let that shit sink in... a mother is unable to FEED her infant because everyone is going insane or being jerks and reselling above market value OR stocking up for... what? The apocalypse? Your stockpile puts others out of stock. People who just want to do their normal weekly shopping- can't. Be prepared, but don't be a dick. And please- stop buying wipes if you do not have little kids that need them. Paper towels are also out of stock in most stores also so that is not an option for most families either. Get your shit together, America-Literally. Buy what you need but be courteous. Trucks will bring more. Remember your neighbor. It's really sad to see people using this situation to make money. 


It's also disheartening that donations, in general, have seen a dip. The  Homeless Prenatal Program have been telling low-income families asking for infant formula that it’s out of stock. “This can be devastating for families who rely on us,” Martha Ryan, executive director of the program, said. “It’s shocking to me, we’ve never had a shortage before.” However, low-income families and parents to newborn babies are preparing themselves for the worst.  

“It’s unfortunate because there’s no substitute for formula,” Serena Meyer, a lactation consultant in Oakland, said. “I’ve heard that people are thinking about inducing breast milk production, but that’s not for everybody." Changing a baby's diet must happen gradually and not overnight. Also, it's not easy for a mom to produce milk overnight, especially if she's been feeding her baby formula for a while. Sadly, this is not just the situation in the US, even the UK is facing a shortage.  According to Yahoo News, there was news circulating on social media that dialing 111 would help you get free formula, but National Health Service has since confirmed that those claims are false. 


"There has been an explosion of false viral posts over the last 24 hours about how to obtain baby formula in a crisis, due to low levels in store as a result of panic buying," Motherload founder Kate Dyson said. “Unsure as to the validity of these claims, our moderation team took some time to speak to both formula companies and NHS 111 to confirm that this is false information being given to parents." What people need to realize is that by protecting themselves, they aren't going to save the world. They need to be generous and selfless and realize there are other people apart from them. It's time to go back to the basics and realize that sharing is actually caring. 

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Posted by Emily Nicole on Saturday, 14 March 2020


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