Parents Furious After Primary School Principal Bans Teachers From Using "Sexist" Terms Like "Boys & Girls"

Parents Furious After Primary School Principal Bans Teachers From Using "Sexist" Terms Like "Boys & Girls"

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson of Anderton Park primary has instructed students as young as 3 to flag "sexist" terms like "let's go, guys."

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A headteacher in Mosely, Birmingham, has sparked controversy after banning teachers from using phrases like "boys and girls" to address students, noting their sexist nature. Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson of Anderton Park primary has prohibited teachers from using terms including "grow a pair" and "let's go, guys." Pupils as young as three were instructed to hold up posters identifying the use of such "sexist" terms. At the end of the week, two students who find the best examples are rewarded certificates, according to Daily Mail. However, this inclusive measure has been met with some resistance from parents who have deemed it to be an "absolutely ridiculous" scheme. 


Good Morning Britain's Nana Akua said, "I'd be very worried if this woman was teaching my kids. What I think we're doing here is creating a generation of wallflower kids who are listening for an offense." She added, "I go to schools and I lecture in schools and I talk to the kids - can you imagine if I went to her school and said, 'good morning guys?' It is getting to the point where we are losing a grip here. We need to be looking at the context of language and that's what I'll be teaching my children. To say 'good morning guys' if you're actually seriously picking that apart then I feel that perhaps your energy is in the wrong place. Really we should be teaching kids the context of language and how to use language that is non-offensive. If you take something out of a context and dissect all the bits and pieces you will find yourself in a black hole so let's take the word 'mankind' - does she allow that?" she continued. 


Even Chris McGovern, a former primary school head and now chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, too, remarked about the recent changes made by Hewitt-Clarkson. "This is about adults who have a neurosis about gender and are hoisting their own anxieties onto the shoulders of young children," McGovern said. "By trying to correct a children's language at a very early age, one is actually limiting, restraining, and burdening them with an anxiety they don't need. This is an attempt to control language, which is a very sinister development. It is part of a woke philosophy across education, an unstoppable tsunami of Wokeism," he added.  


"Children treat each other, generally speaking, fairly and with much less hang-ups and with much less prejudice than adults. Adults are inclined to think that because they see the world as a complicated place, children will too," he continued. "But children will become confused. If children use what is considered to be a sexist term, they don't mean any offence by it. But they're then told they are carrying offensive guilt with them. They need to take a lesson from Pink Floyd and 'leave the kids alone.' Teachers should teach their subjects and tell children to treat other people as you wish to be 'treated – indeed, that is the golden rule of all religions – and that is all they need."


"This only confuses them and can be very upsetting not only to the children, but to their parents who see their children brainwashed into woke political correctness," noted McGovern. He also emphasized that this sort of exercise was simply "absurd." He stated: "Children are no longer free to be children - they have to be products of a particularly woke philosophy. Children are individuals, and we should treat them as individuals – they are not as malign as adults. But this is demonizing them – which is completely contrary to what education is all about. Why can't we use the word guy? Guys and Dolls, Guy Fawkes. This is absurd and sinister. What worries me the most is people can't speak out in the profession because they'll have their careers blighted. As a teacher starting out in your career, you have to endorse this nonsense. It's not healthy and is an unstoppable tide from the woke brigade. It is a very worrying situation."


Ms. Hewitt-Clarkson appeared on Good Morning Britain and explained the damaging effect "sexist" language has on children. "Fast forward a little bit to when the children are older just to see why this is so important because it's a tiny part of a huge jigsaw," she said. "We've seen in the last year the biggest ever rise in child abuse, in grooming, and if our boys and girls grow up and in school we don't challenge this sexist language and boys are told, 'man up', 'grow a pair', 'don't cry', 'boys don't cry' - it's very damaging for them and abusers later on potentially, or bullies, people they walk past on the way home from school - will also use this fear." She added, "And fear is the biggest weapon that abusers have and if boys are told, 'boys aren't afraid', 'boys don't get scared', 'boys don't talk about their feelings', then where are they going to go when they are afraid and they are frightened?"


At Anderton Primary, over 80 percent of the students are Muslims. Two years ago, the school made national headlines after parents stormed the gates to protest lessons that kids were being taught on same-sex families. Back then dead dogs were strung up on the railings of the entrance of the school and dismembered cats were scattered on the playground. Hewitt-Clarkson also received death threats on her social media that read: "Any headteacher who teaches my children it's alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun." Once again parents have been irked by her recent explanation as they indulged in a heated debate on social media. I am a teacher and think this is ridiculous. Concentrate on reading, writing and maths with the boys and girls, one parent wrote on Twitter. I'd quite like school to teach my kids to read and write etc. I don't need them wasting time on banning phrases like 'morning guys'. Far too much time and energy wasted on ridiculous things, shared another. 


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