Parents Of Newborn Kill And Leave Baby Girl In A Corn Dog Box

Parents Of Newborn Kill And Leave Baby Girl In A Corn Dog Box

On Friday, Joshua Benson, 18, and Shawna Joelle Andritch, 23, were sentenced to 25 and 15 years to life in prison respectively after investigators discovered that both had planned to "kill the baby from the beginning."

A Corona couple who admitted to killing their newborn baby girl and leaving her in a box under the freeway was sentenced to prison last Friday. According to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, the father, Joshua Benson, 18 was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and the mother, Shawna Joelle Andritch, 23, received 15 years. This decision comes more than a year after the heartbreaking incident took place. It was July 2018, bystanders near Cajalco Road and the 15 Freeway reportedly alerted the police officials about the lifeless body of an infant placed inside a cardboard box. 


On arrival, the officers noticed that the deceased baby girl was "still covered in afterbirth" and her body was placed inside a 38-count corn dog box according to KTLA. The District Attorney's Office also revealed that "Baby Jane Doe" was wrapped in a men’s T-shirt and kept inside the box which also contained a stuffed animal and blanket. Since there were no indications as to whose baby it was, officers urged the public to come forward with any information which might help them find the baby's parents or the ones responsible for this terrible deed. 


On December 6, 2018, officials from the Corona police department and other emergency personnel gathered at the Sunnyslope Cemetery to bury and mourn the death of Baby Jane Doe. According to Press-Enterprise, about 70 people with flowers, gifts, and their heartfelt prayers gathered to witness and pay their respects. Baby Jane was placed inside a tiny marble casket which was lowered into the ground. Following the funeral, the officials received information that helped them track down her parents, Benson and Andritch. Finally, the couple was arrested five months after committing the crime. Investigators working on this case determined that Benson and Andritch had made their minds up to "kill the baby from the beginning." 


It was made clear that the infant was murdered, but the authorities kept confidential any information on the cause of death. Corona police officers explained that there were many "safe surrender sites" available in and around the area where parents can easily and safely give up their newborn within 72 hours of birth without facing any consequences, charges or questions. Hospitals, fire stations, and police departments also come under such sites. 


In August this year, Benson pleaded guilty to murder in the first degree, and Andritch pleaded guilty to second-degree murder according to ABC7. Although Benson was just 17-years-old at the time of the murder, a judge found him unfit for juvenile court and so his case was transferred to adult court where he was recently sentenced 25 years to life. As for Andritch, she will be eligible for parole after serving at least 15 years of a life sentence.


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