Parents Physically Torture 3-Year-Old Girl & Pin The Blame Onto 18 Month Toddler

Parents Physically Torture 3-Year-Old Girl & Pin The Blame Onto 18 Month Toddler

It was the family's neighbor who forced fully entered their house and found that the injured 3-year-old had been left there for days.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of child abuse that readers may find distressing. 

Shocking photos have emerged of a 3-year-old girl in which she could be seen with black eyes. The unnamed toddler's wounds were so horrific that the swelling had caused her eyes to completely shut. She was rescued from her dire condition after a worried neighbor forced her way into her family's home only to find the girl in an unfortunate state. The neighbor residing in the village of Dachny in the Omsk region of the southern Russian region of Omsk Oblast decided to check on the child after being convinced that she had been abandoned. 

The incident received national attention after the girl's parents - father Alexander Pogiba, and mother Yulia Pogiba, 27, appeared on a show called Actually. Viewers were shown shocking images of the child who had bruised eyes that were forced shut due to the swelling. At the time it was alleged that they had beaten their poor child and inflicted injuries to her face and body on May 8, 2020, before taking her to the hospital, according to The Sun.


However, a report from News7 suggests that the toddler's parents would frequently land in trouble with the authorities for leaving their children unsupervised. Their absence would allegedly extend for days. Their concerned neighbor suspected the couple's negligent behavior and days before the discovery she noticed that no one had been home. Thus, one day she decided to check how their kids were if they happened to be left behind.

Unfortunately, she was greeted by their seemingly malnourished and injured daughter who was sitting on a bed with her blouse covered in her own blood. The neighbor alleged that the pair had not been home for a few days, which meant that girl had been by herself for days without treatment for any of her severe injuries. Shortly after the troubling discovery, she was rushed to the hospital. On examining the child, doctors revealed that in addition to the injured eyes, she had been suffering from anemia, concussion, and malnutrition.


During the local television show, her parents denied claims of harming their daughter and shifted the blame onto their younger daughter, who was just 18 months old, saying she was the one who hurt their three-year-old. Of course, no one was ready to believe this ridiculous claim. However, the neighbor maintained that none of the kids were treated well by the couple but it was the 3-year-old who was particularly subjected to most of the sufferings. The Public Prosecutor’s Office later revealed that the parents had left their child by herself at home for a prolonged period of time adding to the physical and emotional cruelty against her. 


They shared that it was the neighbor's efforts that shed light on the matter after she forcefully entered the property and called the police to take action against the parents. According to local media, Alexander has been convicted five times in the past for many offenses. They added that both husband and wife were being supervised by social services and the local police department since February 2018 after reports of not caring for their five children properly were made. Following the latest incident, a criminal case was launched on the grounds of "intentional infliction of moderate damage to the health of a minor," "failure to fulfill obligations to educate a minor", and "torture." 

Alexander was sentenced to one year in jail in a maximum -security facility, and his wife was handed 300 hours of community service following the reports of their torture. Both have now been deprived of parental rights, per reports. Meanwhile, their children are placed in the care of social workers. 

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