Orlando Brown Claims Michael Jackson, Will Smith Raped Him When He Was A Kid In New Video

Orlando Brown Claims Michael Jackson, Will Smith Raped Him When He Was A Kid In New Video

The actor, best known for his role as Eddie Thomas on the television show 'That’s So Raven,' ranted incoherently in a new video that was posted online.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains descriptions of rape allegations. 

Actor Orlando Brown, who is known best for playing the role of Eddie Thomas on the television show That’s So Raven, has accused both Will Smith and Michael Jackson of assaulting him sexually as a child. In a video posted online, Brown also claimed that he might be one of their sons. The Major Payne actor has been suffering from well-documented mental health issues ever since the hit Disney channel show came to an end. According to the Inquisitr, the 32-year-old was arrested on felony narcotics charges back in 2018.


The recent clip detailing these bizarre claims was posted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page. The actor begins by saying that Michael Jackson set him up. It's difficult to understand who he's referring to, as Brown's rant seems very incoherent. Brown alleges that not only was he assaulted by them, but all of his children were as well. Then he threateningly slams a knife that he's holding onto the table. "Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, m*****f*****," he says. Furthermore, he says that the Men In Black actor keeps trying to "get away" with what he's done. He mentions wanting to harm Smith every time he sees him but restrains himself because of a Bible scripture. Brown also threatens the 51-year-old to no longer make any television appearances. 


Things get stranger when he insists that he is Trey (the name of Smith's oldest son) and not Orlando. "I'm Trey. I'm your long-lost son, shrimp b****," screams Brown. He then changes his tune and claims to be Trent. Following this, he also says he is Jackson's son, Blanket Jackson. "I’m Trey. I’m no motherf*ckin Orlando, I’m Trey. I’m Blanket Jackson and you’ve been abandoning your son…you’ve been abandoning your son for years." The strange video ends with Brown claiming that Will Smith is the real Michael Jackson. 



The former Disney Channel star appeared on Dr. Phil two years ago and opened up about his struggles with homelessness, addiction, and mental illnesses, according to PEOPLE. Brown's friend and manager Solomon Barron said he had reached his breaking point and was forced to kick him out of his house. Concerned about his friend's well being, Barron reached out to Dr. Phil to get Brown the help he needed. Brown admitted that he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, medicating with marijuana and using crystal meth. "Just the influence and the demons that come with that drug kind of took over," he told Dr. Phil. "A lot of drinking is what happened."



"I was drinking a lot. I just found myself in a dark place because I couldn’t really find everybody. It’s kinda like looking for your keys, when you stop looking, they’re right there type of deal. I started to realize what was in front of me. From there, now I’m good," he continued. While recollecting his own children's ages Brown seemed quite confused. He told the show host that his kids were 2, 5, 11, and like "like 16 to 18." Eventually, he changed those ages and told Dr. Phil, "I got a 2-year-old, 4-year-old…5-year-old, 8 and 11… Two-year-old still in the belly. We don’t know [the name] yet." However, he didn't seem to know the name of his oldest kid. 



Things turned stranger when he said, "My full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket." He explained the name was actually a "nickname I gave to myself. My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson." He also claimed to be Will Smith's son and his manager said it "comes out of nowhere," according to E! News. "We'll be driving, listening to music. He will just turn the music down and be like, 'Will Smith is my dad. Can you call him?' I look at him. It's shocking sometimes. It comes out of nowhere. We'll be fine. He will say, 'I'm Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson is my father. I own Neverland.' Sometimes you don't know if he's playing or serious," explained Barron. 



Responding to claims of lying, Brown said, "All 488 million of my fans know that I don’t fabricate or lie. I’m a pretty straight-up guy." He was wearing lime green snake eye contact lenses on the show and said it was "Michael Jackson eyelids. From [the] 'Thriller' [music video]." He continued, "My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson...I used to always wonder why I'm so astronomically blessed and gifted when it comes to being talented. I rap, sing and I do everything immaculately. The eyes. And also just speaking to different Jackson family members that, you know, have confirmed it. So yeah, it's a blessing to know that. I can sit here today and say, that yeah, that Michael Jackson was my father." While most users on Twitter believed that he required help, many suggested that he had witnessed some dark times in his life when he was a young actor. 




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