This Obese Dog Was Neglected By His Owners And Was Given Up To Be Euthanized

This Obese Dog Was Neglected By His Owners And Was Given Up To Be Euthanized

Kai was an overweight dog and his previous owners took him to the vet to put him down. He was then handed over to Pam Heggie who managed to get Kai to lose over 67 pounds in 6 months!

Kai was a neglected dog who just kept piling on weight. So much so that his owners took him to the vet to put him down. They took Kai to a clinic in Onoway, Alta, where he was nearly euthanized, but the vet did not go through with it because he felt the dog still had a lot of life left in him. Kai weighed nearly 173 pounds and could not even stand up on his own. The clinic did not want to put him down, so they did the only thing they could think of that would save him. They contacted The Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue and called the only person they thought could help, Pam Heggie, reports Global News


Heggie took Kai into possession, but she had a lot of concern regarding his health and she was not really sure how long he would survive. "He was just so heavy. Everything was work. He panted even just moving around the house," said Heggie. “I worried he would just have a heart attack or something and just be dead,” she added. But. it looked like Kai was just not ready to give up on life, and neither was Heggie. So overweight was Kai that it took him over two hours to just climb up two stairs. 


Pam Heggie decided to put Kai on a strict diet and began walking him every day. She even had to take Kai to the vet every week. They started off slow, with walks around the house. As time passed, it progressed, and Kai exercised on an underwater treadmill and even going to the dog park to mingle with the other cute dogs there. The improvement in Kai was slow, but it was definitely there. 


"Probably once or twice a week somebody says, 'Oh, is this Kai? Or I’ve seen him online but I’ve never got to meet him,'" said Heggie. "He’s a pretty popular guy.”  Heggie has been documenting Kai's entire journey on Facebook for other people to see. Kai was an obese dog, which made it easier for people to recognize him, but with time, he kept losing oodles of weight, which meant a lot of people were unable to recognize him. 


Kai lost around 67 pounds in just six months. For a dog that could barely take two continuous steps and feel completely tired, Kai has sure come a long way. Kai now RUNS after balls and even jumps over logs in the woods. Heggie has now started to take him to an even bigger dog park so he can play around with a lot more dogs than he did. She said, "He is truly the happiest dog in the world. I haven’t lost an ounce, but he’s done remarkably well. He is a totally different dog now."


Dr. Jared Lawrence, Kai’s veterinarian said, "That in itself is a miracle. I think in general Kai’s prognosis is really good." Due to his weight earlier, Kai still has an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) issue, but the vet thinks he may not need surgery for it. "Kai was a dog that was destined to be euthanized but because of Heggie and because of the Misfits, he’s where he’s at," added Lawrence.


Heggie, though, is modest about her achievement with Kai. She simply said, “I’m just his driver. He does it all himself. He just needs someone to get him there.". With his impressive weight loss journey, Kai is now eligible for adoption. But Kai and Heggie share a pretty strong bond. "I don’t know if I could actually give him to someone else. He’s pretty attached to me and our family. So, I don’t know."


But Kai and Heggie are not done just yet. Their goal was to lose 100 pounds together, out of which they've managed to lose 67, which means they still have 33 pounds to lose. "I actually believe we’ll get there. I’d do it all again though, for sure. He’s worth it." Kai truly is an inspiration to us humans as well.  


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