Barack Obama Welcomed At The NBA Finals With A Standing Ovation & A Hug From Drake

Barack Obama Welcomed At The NBA Finals With A Standing Ovation & A Hug From Drake

The basketball enthusiastreceived a lot of love from everyone present in the areana on Sunday as the crowd could help but name him the MVP.

Former President Barrack Obama decided to grace the Game 2 of the NBA Finals with his presence on Sunday reported PEOPLE. The 57-year-old was welcomed which a resounding round of applause as he entered the arena to witness the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors.  Obama, being an avid basketball fan himself took a seat right beside NBA commissioner Adam Silver moments before the opening tip. The 44th U.S. President also had a brief exchange of greetings with the Raptor's supporter, Drake.


Obama seems to have a special place in his heart for this game, as he was observed to take out some time from his busy schedule several times before. He made headlines for attending the Duke-North Carolina game, during which Zion Williamson had ripped through his own shoe. In another instance, he also reportedly hosted the Warriors at the White House during his term. After winning the NBA title two consecutive times, they didn't stop to visit Trump at the White House instead reciprocated the ex-President's gestures by paying a visit to his post-Presidential home in 2018. Steve Kerr, Warriors' coach expressed how it was, "quite a thrill to visit there and have the whole team there," while recalling it as "a treat."


Coming back to the game, the former President was seen shaking hands with the rapper (Drake) and was all smiles while doing so. A video of this above-mentioned exchange of pleasantry between the two was uploaded on Twitter by SportsCentre. Before the game even started the crowd went wild with cheers. Amidst the presence of the two-time holder of the title MVP, Stephen Curry (Golden States Warriors) and Kawhi Leonard (Toronto Raptors) the crowd decided to give this honor to none other than Barrack Obama himself. They addressed Obama as the MVP of the game. The spectators also gave him a standing ovation upon his arrival while constantly chanting "MVP, MVP" during the second quarter of the game held at the Scotiabank Arena.


As the game progressed the 32-year-old rapper was absolutely gutted when his favorite team, Raptors could not defeat Stephen Curry-lead Warriors. Drake's expressions were more than enough to tell how displeased he with the final result. He sat frustrated on the sidelines as his team lost due to a shortage of points, 109-104. On the other hand, Obama seemed to remain very unbiased with his support for both the teams. Unlike Drake, Obama praised both the teams for their exemplary performance.


In a statement recorded by The Washington Post, the former President said, "Both teams play like teams. So their superstars are unselfish and just want results." In addition to that, he mentions how everyone should be given a fair opportunity to explore their talents and skills. "Lesson Two is both teams draw from talent that is unexpected and international. … If you don’t know where the talent’s going to be, you have to give opportunity to everybody," he said. The outlet also reported Obama's personal ties with the teams who were playing in the Finals on Sunday. 



He has been spotted playing golf with Stephen Curry, who later joined Obama's charitable wagon. Apart from Curry, Obama also has a standing friendship with Masai Ujiri, the president of the Raptors. He was seen escorting Obama to his seat before the game began. The former basketball player, who directed the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program in Africa, also joined Obama last year in Kenya during a basketball oriented event organized by a non-profit foundation which is run by Rita Auma, Obama's half-sister.


Obama was attending an event organized by Canada 2020, in Ottawa. As the think tank proceeded on Friday, Obama mentioned how he had a "little bit of a love affair" with the country. He further claimed that the international influence that the United States tries to gain has been "hugely magnified by the alliance that it has with countries like Canada." Obama's enthusiasm when it comes to basketball has been recognized, as reports of him having a role (which is still unclear as to what it is going to be) to play during the upcoming launch of the Basketball Africa League in 2020. All we have to do now is wait to see what this joint effort o the FIBA and NBA has in store for the 57-year-old. 


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