NYPD Cops Get Doused With Water, Harassed On Streets In Harlem

NYPD Cops Get Doused With Water, Harassed On Streets In Harlem

Following two incidents where civilians doused NYPD officers with water, the department has now taken a suspect into custody and are on the search for the rest of the troublemakers.

Videos of two different water-throwing incidents that occurred during New York City`s recent heatwave have been circulated widely on social media. Police officers in both cases had been doused multiple times by civilians who threw water from buckets at them. In one of the videos, officers in the Harlem section of Manhattan on Sunday are seen handcuffing a man on the hood of a sedan while about five other men circle the group. The NYPD is investigating all the incidents and the people involved could potentially face criminal charges. As reported by CBS.

This is an unruly attack on the policemen who were in the midst of doing their job. Granted, the civilians may have their own reasons for this unprecedented rage which led to the extremely uncivil behavior on their parts, but that still doesn't mean they are in any way justified. There are laws, assemblies, courts, and more facilities in place so that one may voice their dissent in a more intellectually evolved manner. But dousing water on cops in the street is reflective of guerrilla tactics.  





The New York Police Department has announced that they are currently searching for 3 men who have been charged with 'menacing' behavior for throwing water on two of their police officers in Harlem when they were in midst of making an inquiry and arrest with an individual in a car. 

A senior NYPD official told CNN the police involved in the videos "should have taken action and they'll be reprimanded for not doing so."



NYPD's Chief of Department Terence Monahan was absolutely outraged by these incidents as he addressed the police force at an NYPD awards ceremony on Tuesday morning.  "Someone thought it was all right and take a bucket of water and toss it over a cop's head," Monahan said.  "That's not all right. Any cop who thinks that's all right, that they can walk away from something like that, maybe should consider whether or not that this is the profession for them."

"The videos of cops being doused with water and having objects hurled at them as they made an arrest in #Harlem is reprehensible. NYC’s cops & communities have made remarkable progress — together — but EVERY New Yorker MUST show respect for our cops. They deserve nothing less," NYPD Chief Terence Monahan said in a tweet.

The Chief of Department also stated that these men who doused the cops were cowards as they immediately scattered when the cops began to call for backup. 



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio supported Chief Monahan by retweeting him and saying "The NYPD kept New Yorkers safe through the heat wave and Sunday night's outages. We won't tolerate this kind of disrespect."

He went on to say, "It's not acceptable for anyone to interfere with the NYPD when they are effectuating an arrest. Throwing things at NYPD officers is not only not acceptable, but it can also lead to charges."



The New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), for its part, has blamed it on politicians for the incident squarely. "The NYPD is now frozen," PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement. "Disorder controls the streets, and our elected leaders refuse to allow us to take them back. As police officers, we need to draw a line," he continued. "In situations like this, we need to take action to protect ourselves and the public."

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association said that he was worried that the liquids in the buckets "could just as easily have been bleach, gasoline, or some other toxic substance."   

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