These New Kitty-Shaped Sandals Are The Latest Fashion Trend And A Must Have This Summer

These New Kitty-Shaped Sandals Are The Latest Fashion Trend And A Must Have This Summer

A Japanese footwear company is making the most adorable cat-shaped flip-flops, and they're the cutest thing you can add to your summer wardrobe.

You can always trust the Japanese to think up wonderful products that no one actually thought they needed. Consider, for example, the banana keeper, and the microphone USB. One of the cutest new things to come to the Japanese market, however, is this adorable twist on flip flops. Japanese footwear company Nara Getaya has a cute new line called Nyara Geta - and they're shaped like cats. 


The feline flip-flops are a sweet twist to the company's traditional Geta - traditional Japanese footwear that resembles clogs and flip-flops. The Nyara Geta line is very smartly named - it's a portmanteau of the Japanese words "Nya" (meaning meow) and "Nara", the city that the brand originates from. The collection features 9 delightful designs based on different colored cats - not only do they have black, tabby, and Russian Blue sandals, other cats are well-represented too! All the sandals have a little pair of ears in the front and a cute tail in the back.

Source: Nara Getaya


While geta are traditionally made of wood, Nara Getaya makes all their footwear - including the Nyara Geta - from a soft foam sponge material called EVA, so it's safe for both indoor and outdoor use, no matter what the weather. The company's website assures customers that the sandals are weather- and water resistant, and since they're well ventilated, there's a low risk of the wearer getting athlete's foot. You can also order attachments for the sole that will render the sandals non-slip.




The sandals are currently available in kids as well as adult sizes. Nara Getaya recommends that they be paired with a light summer kimono so you can walk comfortably in the heat. And of course, they're perfect for a beach day if you want to wear your love for cats on your sleeve...or your feet! You can buy the charming sandals from Nara Getaya's online store, and they're priced at 3,780 yen (approximately $35). So what are you waiting for? 


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