Nurse Kills Father In Self-Defense After He Chokes Her. She And Her Mom Were Abused For Decades

Nurse Kills Father In Self-Defense After He Chokes Her. She And Her Mom Were Abused For Decades

Jessica Breeze, 20, explained how she didn't intend on murdering her father but simply wanted him to stop physically abusing her and her mother.

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After years of enduring her 'monster' father's domestic abuse, Jessica Breeze finally fought back and ended up murdering him. Last week, the 20-year-old was cleared of 49-year-old Colin Brady's murder and manslaughter at Teesside Crown Court, noting that she had acted in self-defense. Speaking to the Mirror, Breeze recalled the horrific events that led to the retaliation that haunts her to this day. On June 20, 2019, Breeze had been out with her boyfriend and when she returned her father began punching and hitting her. "He didn’t like me seeing my boyfriend. He had been having a takeaway and threw it on the floor when I got home. He was punching me in the face," she said.



That's when her mother, who has been a victim of Brady's horrendous domestic for decades, tried to intervene. "Mam tried to get between us, so he attacked her. I was curled up on the settee." Attempting to evade his violent streak, Breeze tried to leave the house but was stopped by Brady. "I went upstairs into my mother’s bedroom, I was trying to get out of the window, to jump out of the house. He had taken my phone and my mam’s phone and he locked the doors," she recalled. That's when he warned that he was going to kill both of them and began choking Breeze.

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"He kept screaming, ‘You are dead women’. There was no way out," she continued adding how the memory of her father choking her throat makes her recoil in disgust and fear. "I cannot get that out of my head – the feeling of not being able to breathe. Even his breathing was scaring me. He was so agitated, pent up, aggressive, he had a knife in his hand. I said, ‘Dad, I haven’t rung the police," she said. Following this, he hit her head hard while swearing "on his mother’s grave" that he was about to kill both of them and just then Breeze took an 8-inch kitchen knife and stabbed him in the back, reports Daily Mail



"I knew that he meant it," said Breeze. "The next thing I knew the knife was in his back and I had stabbed him. I can’t remember how that happened." A passerby also witnessed Brady punching Breese through a window and could hear both women screaming. So, he rushed inside his home and asked his sister to alert the police. "I felt like I was going to throw up, it was that fear that someone was in danger," said the man. During the trial Breeze confessed, "I didn't want him to die, I just wanted him to stop." The violent brute Brady's abuse against his daughter began when she was merely 13. For the first six years of her life Breeze never got to see her father as he was in jail; she finally came to stay with her parents at the age of 13. 



"I was 13 when he hit me the first time. He flung an ashtray and Fosters bottle at me, he punched and kicked me. He put a machete at my throat and said, ‘You are lucky you are my daughter,'" she recalled of her childhood that had been completely wrecked by Brady." When Breeze was just 14 she became pregnant and her father threatened to kill her, the baby, and her boyfriend. Family members revealed how Brady treated her "almost like a dog" and prevented her from going on holiday to meet relatives. She learned about her father's death when the police told her that she was being charged with the murder, however, her first thought was, "Is my mother still alive?" Unfortunately, she was unable to meet her mother for seven months following the order as she was called as a prosecution witness. Now, Breeze plans on looking for a job as a nursery nurse and build her life once again. She hopes to start a family only if she learns to trust someone again. 

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic abuse please contact 1-800-799-7233 or click here for more details.

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