These Nike Kitten Heels Are The Latest Fashion Trend And We Don't Know How To Feel About Them

These Nike Kitten Heels Are The Latest Fashion Trend And We Don't Know How To Feel About Them

The designer saw that she had a lot of running shoes piling up in a corner and wanted to put them to good use.

Fashion is constantly evolving. The last few months have been a blast when it comes to crazy fashion trends, be it the bejeweled Crocs, or the curly eyelashes. From this, we've learned that the first rule of fashion is that there are no rules. Now, keeping that in mind, someone has combined the athleisure look with a more formal appearance, and the outcome is not quite what you'd expect. Ancuta Sarca has been gaining quite some attention on her social media platform thanks to her upcycled Nike running shoes.


Yep, she's been taking her old trainers and transforming them into kitten heels, and the designer, who hails from Romania, has managed to make them quite a unique style statement! "I wanted to place to trainers in a different landscape and giving them a completely new function – elegant and feminine by pushing the boundaries of what they can become," Sarca said, according to VT


"I always loved the aesthetics [of Nike], it has a huge role in sportswear history and the logo looks rather funny and unexpected on heels," she added.  The designer has always been a fan of playing around with athleisure and feminizing it to "make it fashion".  She says the idea initially came to her after realized she had a number of running shoes that were piled up in a corner unused. 


Rather than throwing them out, it made more sense to put them to use and to turn them into something of a fashion statement of sorts so that she could actually use them. Soon enough, the final product quickly caught the attention of social media users who couldn't wait to lay their hands on the unique product. Not everyone seemed to be a fan of these shoes, probably because they associate the brand with fitness. 


Gayleann Witkowski wrote: Why would you want to wear something that will make your feet look so much larger than they are?..not to mention they are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen! Sima Sheikhzadeh added: How can you work out with these shoes? No thanks, I have regular Nike shoes. Might not be as fashionable as this one, but it is very comfortable. Tennisha Byron had quite the idea: I will wear them to your wedding and make sure they’re in all the pics. Then you’ll have to share in my shame.  Darcey Lary Fowler commented: They are not the latest fashion thing! They are the latest...' lets see what idiot will buy these ' bets.


Donna Pallaria wrote:  OMG. Those are awful! Sometimes I wonder if some designers are sitting in a cave somewhere, sketching out designs in the darkness, forming paper airplanes and flying them out of the cave where an unsuspecting bystander finds them, unfolds them and says, "Hey, this is cool.....let's do these and make a boatload of money." It's the only explanation I can come up with. Marquessa Macdonald added: No they're fucking not. 2 pictures on Instagram don't make something a new or hot fashion trend.  Nobody is actually wearing this. Lyn Cadby Conlon joined the conversation:  And I wonder how many people will fall on their face tripping over the long fronts on these. Fashion can be so stupid.


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