Airplane Cleaner Who Served His Post Faithfully For 24 Years Becomes A Flight Captain

Airplane Cleaner Who Served His Post Faithfully For 24 Years Becomes A Flight Captain

This Nigerian man started working as a cleaner at Air Azman about twenty-four years ago. But how he went on to become a cleaner is also an interesting story.

Hard work is a concept that everybody must value. It is impossible to miss a strong work ethic. There are hard workers in every profession and every path of life.

Take Mohammed Abubakar for instance. His journey from being an airplane cleaner to a flight captain is something that everyone can learn something from. 


He began working as a cleaner on Air Azman, a Nigerian domestic airline company in the year 1995.  He then gradually moved up the ranks and was able to eventually take flight classes.

Still, at this point in time, being able to captain a flight and its crew is still an arduous journey and process. While Abukabar climbed the ranks at Azman Air, he saved money to sponsor his private pilot license in Canada, which marked his take-off as an aircraft pilot. 


After a solid performance, Abubakar got the chance to become a cabin crew member at an amazing salary. Later on, he moved to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant. When Aero Contractors started doing scheduled services, he provided some valuable input that helped the company. Pleased by his cooperation, the Deputy Managing Director gave him a huge salary which came as quite a pleasant surprise to him. 


And with subsequent hard work, passion, and dedication, Abubakar received his fourth aviation bar and qualified as a pilot. He is now a crew member of Azman Air Services Limited.

Perseverance is the key that ensures the achievement of lifelong goals of an individual. Through perseverance, an individual gets to learn about their own strengths and innate capabilities of which they may be completely unaware.


Azman Air’s mission is “to make the difference by setting new trends in Air Services,” and they certainly have done so with the inauguration of Abubakar as part of their crew. After all his hard work, Abubakar is sure to be a star amongst the crew. He knows what it’s like to have worked most of the positions on the team, so he will surely make a good airplane captain and crew leader.



Black people are underrepresented in the aviation industry, with only 2 percent of over 600,000 pilots identifying as African American in a 2013 FAA survey. Stories like Abukabar’s give us hope that those numbers are slowly rising. 


The primary factor behind a successful person is his/her level of dedication, which signifies the commitment of a person towards achieving objectives and life goals. Thus, dedication implies total devotion. Abubakar showed us all that any goal is achievable as long as one remains focused and dedicated enough and never gives up on it. 

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