New Zealand Accent Ranked Sexiest In The World. Do You Agree?

New Zealand Accent Ranked Sexiest In The World. Do You Agree?

Movie scenes have been recreated with the new 'sexiest accent'. The accent was voted to be the sexiest by readers of Big 7 Travel website.

Today, there's an award for almost every single thing that exists, from Nobel prizes to the hottest people in the world to even the best ties and pies in the world and what not! Recently, Big 7 Travel website had a poll for its readers where they could vote for which accent they felt was the sexiest in the world, and the winner was the New Zealand accent. Around 1.5 million people participated in the poll held by the international travel website and its readers had been voting for their favorite accents over the past month. New Zeland was at the number one spot and was closely followed by South Africa, Ireland, Italy, and Australia respectively.



According to the travel website, the Kiwi accent or the 'Newzild' dialect is "outrageously charming" and beats every other accent in the world. People would normally expect the French, Australian, or even British accent to come out on top but New Zealand just stole the show. "To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent, but Big 7 Travel readers disagree. The 'Newzild' dialect is outrageously charming. The sexiest accent in the world? It's official," the website said about the Kiwi accent.



According to the website, Afrikaans is a "hugely popular accent with many people across the globe thanks to their unique tones and slang", while the Irish "lilting jibe" has people being swept off their feet as well. Australia earned the fifth spot and different variations of the accents from the UK earned a few spots in the top 50 as well. The rich sounds and rough tone of the Scottish accent earned a place in the top 10 alongside Brazilian, Portugese, Southern U.S., French, and Spanish.



The results of the poll were surprising to everyone. However, people from New Zealand were the most shocked of all when they heard that they had the sexiest accents. Many Kiwis admitted that they cringe when they hear it on television or in conversation. "I'll hear a Kiwi on American TV, and I'll want to vomit. Our accent is awful," said one Twitter user, while another said: "I really don't think Kiwis have the world's sexiest accent because most of the world can't understand us." 



Here's what some New Zealanders on social media shared regarding what they thought about their own accent.






An opinion piece on the website of Australian media outlet Pedestrian was extremely critical of the result, asking readers to imagine a person with a Kiwi accent "doing dirty talk". "I apologize for having put you through that ordeal, but it was to prove a point: The sheer ridiculousness of a poll in which people voted the New Zealand accent to be the sexiest in the world," writer Ben McLeay said. He mentioned that him finding it hard to even like the Kiwi accent was not a result of any Australia vs New Zealand rivalry. He even admitted the Aussie accent sounded like being "yelled at by a flock of birds".



He continued, "I'm objecting to this because of the other, substantially more deserving, accents that were robbed." According to him, the Spanish, Irish, Norwegian, Arabic, and Argentinian accents have been overlooked. "No one tell the New Zealanders about [the results], it'll go straight to their heads." There are around 7000 different accents in the world and winning the number one spot really is quite an achievement. It would surely get to their heads now, wouldn't it?



The complete list of the top 50 sexiest accents can be found here.

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