New York Woman Discovers "Secret" Room Behind Her Bathroom Mirror In Incredibly Scary Video

New York Woman Discovers "Secret" Room Behind Her Bathroom Mirror In Incredibly Scary Video

The woman from New York City posted a four-part 'horror' TikTok series that had everyone on tenterhooks.


Anyone who's watched enough horror movies knows that experiencing a cold draft inside your home on an otherwise hot day is a recipe for disaster. When Samantha Hartsoe felt the cold draft inside her New York apartment, she was curious. She was determined to investigate the source of the draft but what she did not know, or was prepared for, was to find a hidden room behind her bathroom mirror. Again, ticking all the boxes of every horror movie. Samantha Hartsoe posted the nail-biting story in a four-part saga on TikTok, titling it the A New York Mystery. The video has since been viewed more than 9 million times. It all started with the mysterious cold draft. "I'm in my New York City apartment, and it's cold. It doesn't matter how high the heat goes, I'm cold," she explained in the video, reported PEOPLE


She traced the draft to her wall but was confused as there was no vent in the room. She listened in closely and found it was coming from her bathroom mirror! She gingerly moved the bathroom mirror to find a hole instead of a wall. The hole seemed to lead to just blackness. As with any true horror series, Samantha Hartsoe left the audience hanging and on edge, wrapping up the first part of the series. In the second part of the TikTok video, she decides to investigate the empty space behind the bathroom.

In part two, Hartsoe, along with the help of two friends, removed the mirror and was shocked to find a large, dark empty space leading into a hidden room. Her friend is slightly skeptical considering they had no clue any space existed there and they didn't know what to expect either. As you're watching the video, a thousand different scenarios pop up in your head with one of them being the tesseract from Interstellar behind that bathroom window. I'll admit I also feared the long-haired girl from the movie Ring would climb out of the bathroom mirror. Thankfully, nothing of that sort had happened, yet. 

"What if someone's in there right now?" asks one of her friends, half-joking, even making a reference to the secret basement in the movie Parasite. "The weirdest part about this is they didn't fill it in on either side of this hole," said Hartsoe. She wasn't going to be deterred though. Hartsoe perfectly fits the description of that one person in every horror movie who's too curious for their own good. "I need more answers. I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom. Like what if someone's living in there?" said Hartsoe. All the more reason to not go there! But, she persisted.

She donned a face mask, gloves, and sneakers (like they're going to help with ghosts), as she prepared to jump across the wall. Also, a perfect time to end part two, giving the audience the cliff-hanger they so craved. She would post the third video only on Thursday which left many wondering if anything had happened to her. The whole of the internet was hooked. Before any conspiracy theory could gather any traction, Hartsoe had posted the third. She can be seen holding a flashlight and crawling across the mirror. She touched down. Thankfully, there's a floor. She was holding the flashlight like one would a weapon. "You're in the other side of the dimension, go onward," joked her friend as he handed the camera over to Hartsoe so she could film what was "in the beyond." She can be seen navigating the darkness in what appears to be a whole other apartment. There were trash bags, boxes, and a disconnected toilet. She also found a plastic water bottle, which she said was the only "sign of life." With every turn she took, I was expecting something to jump out of the darkness. 



She finally managed to get back to her apartment, returning through the mirror. She told viewers that had "made it out alive." She then placed the mirror back and mused, "My landlord is getting a really fun phone call tomorrow."

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