Woman Jumps Off NYC Rooftop With 5-Year-Old Daughter Killing Both In Murder-Suicide

Woman Jumps Off NYC Rooftop With 5-Year-Old Daughter Killing Both In Murder-Suicide

Oksana Motyka Patchin, 39, had been weaning off her depression medications prescribed to her shortly after her divorce last summer.

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A 39-year-old mother from Brooklyn leapt to her death on Sunday from the roof of a 12-storeyed building. Unfortunately, she took her 5-year-old daughter along with her who was also pronounced dead. The woman, identified as Oksana Motyka Patchin, had been recently diagnosed with clinical depression following her separation from her husband last summer. Her mother told the New York Post, that Patchin has been scaling back her antidepressant as she feared becoming an addict. Thus, she was trying to fight it without the help of any medication.


During a phone interview with Daily Mail, Patchin's close friend of 14 years revealed that the divorced mom had been struggling with panic attacks and insomnia since the summer and that she had also sought the help of psychiatrists. The unidentified friend also explained that being prescribed the antidepressants made her feel worse about her condition. "She really regretted taking the pills because she didnโ€™t know how addictive they were," they said. "She referred to herself as a 'drug addict.'" The apparent murder-suicide took place at around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 10 as she jumped off from the rooftop at 540 West 53rd St near 11th Avenue in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen. 


Patchin was there visiting her friends and according to police sources, she can be seen getting on the roof of a building and pacing for a while. She could then be seen climbing over a safety gate before picking up her daughter Olivia and jumping to the ground. Police were soon alerted about two females lying on the pavement "unconscious and unresponsive with injuries consistent with a fall from an elevated height." Although Olivia was rushed to St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, she died from her injuries and so did her mom. An investigation has been launched into their deaths and according to PEOPLE the mom, who worked for a French banking firm, did not leave behind any suicide note. "No criminality is suspected at this time," revealed Sergeant Edward Riley.


While being questions, Patchin's friend shared that they would often visit a mutual friend's residence and go up to the roof to enjoy the breathtaking view. This is the same rooftop from where the mother had leaped. Per Daily Mail, Patchin had taken an Uber with Olivia to that building. It was unusual because she arrived ahead of her best friend who informed her that she was running late. She had asked for the key card to access the rooftop from the pal who resided there so her daughter could admire the view. The friend also told the outlet that Patchin seemed to be getting better two weeks before her death as she had stopped sharing her mental health issue with her.


"She had a great time over Christmas. She was planning for the future. She was excited," the friend recalled. Apparently, it was the mother-of-one who had suggested that they go to the rooftop on Sunday. "It looked like she did have an intention [to die by suicide]," they added. Even her mom, who has only been identified as Anna, revealed that nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary in the hours leading up to the tragedy. Patchin's troubles began shortly after her divorce from her husband. Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, she began having trouble sleeping for which she was prescribed medication. 


Determined not to be addicted, she began reducing her dosage by splitting the pills in an effort to wean herself off it. Her loved ones have been left shocked by the recent developments. "She led a healthy lifestyle, shopped at Farmer's Market on Grand Army Plaza, exercised," wrote one of Patchin's friends in an email to Daily Mail. "She was an accountant, with a CPA certification, and has built a successful career. She loved her job, I actually found unusual how excited she was about her work before her anxiety and trouble sleeping began this late spring." The added, "She loved her daughter more than anything. I cannot imagine how confused her mind had to be to do what she did."

Disclaimer: If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433).

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