Kids Are Now Pooping In Water Parks And Swimming Pools As Part Of Bizarre Trend

Kids Are Now Pooping In Water Parks And Swimming Pools As Part Of Bizarre Trend

The new viral trend in Spain has kids pooping in public swimming pools and water parks and it is causing a lot of problems to authorities and people alike.

There is a new viral trend that's taking place in Spain and it's truly bizarre. Kids are now pooping in public swimming pools and water parks in what's now known as the "Hacer Caca" challenge.

Now that's disgusting! Well, who knew that viral trends can be potentially unhygienic and ruin public property. But that's exactly what's been going on in Spain lately.



The news outlet 'El Periodico Mediterraneo' reported that there have been quite a few public swimming pools and water parks in the city of Valencia, that have been forced to close down because of this viral challenge. The staff in these pools and parks said that they needed to shut down these public places to deal with the poop mess and dirty water that the children left behind. 



One particular park, Segobriga Park in Castellón, Spain had to close because of children pooping in the water. They issued a statement on July 24, "For causes beyond the direction of the Segóbriga Park and for a reason of hygiene and health caused by an incident, the complex has been forced to close during the morning of Wednesday, 24 July and must remain closed until Thursday 25 until 2 p.m."

Staff at the huge Segóbriga Park water park in Valencia said they were "absolutely disgusted" to find human poo in the water and said it was a deliberate act, not an accident. 



This was followed by a second statement on 31 July, which said: "The City Council of Segorbe has been forced to close again the pool of Segóbriga park to perform tasks of disinfection of the waters, until tomorrow about 2 pm. We appeal to the civility of the people who make use of the facilities of Segóbriga park so that these kinds of actions do not harm the Segorbinos and the tourists who visit us, and we appeal to [visitors'] respect to ensure the good image of the tourism of Segorbe." 

Now, after a few days of disinfection, the park announced its reopening. The Segorbe council said: "Segóbriga Park has opened its doors again after the closure for disinfection work. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we once again call on the citizenship of bathers. We appeal for respect so that these types of actions do not harm local people and the tourists who visit us and to ensure the good image of Segorbe tourism." 



According to El Periódico Mediterráneo, Valencia is the worst-hit region so far but the challenge is quickly going viral across Spain and has spread to holiday beaches, as well as pools. Other towns in the region including Catarroja, Massanassa, and Tavernes Blanques have suffered similar attacks of the bowel.

The sick challenge is being called “Hacer Caca” or in English "Make a Poop" and is aimed at young teenagers from 12 to 16 via social media. They are urged to film or photograph themselves doing the deed and to post videos online. It was reported in Murcia that CCTV caught a group of teenagers sneaking into a municipal swimming pool and pooping in the water on purpose. The pool has since been closed twice upon discovering the poop in the water. 



Health chiefs and medical personnel have absolutely condemned this trend with a serious warning of risk in public health. They say the new challenge is potentially very dangerous as human poo can generate bacteria and be very harmful to health. Well that's a no brainer now, isn't it?

And lastly, if anything, it's just plain disgusting. I mean imagine people or even animals entering your house and pooping in your living room because an online challenge made them do it? It's just out of the question to allow such acts to take place in society. 




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