This New Heated Folding Chair Will Keep Soccer Moms And Dads Warm Till Summer Arrives!

This New Heated Folding Chair Will Keep Soccer Moms And Dads Warm Till Summer Arrives!

No more worrying about freezing your butt off during camping or the kids soccer games. These heated folding chairs have got you covered!

The most simple things in life are the things that matter the most. They are the things we appreciate the most. The simple pleasures in life are what keep us happy. Like going to bed at a certain time so we can catch enough sleep, never missing an episode of your favorite tv show, getting the right amount of milk in your morning cereal, or going through a day without staining your white shirt...the list is never ending.Well, when it comes to all of those people who love spending time outdoors, keeping your butt warm in the winters surely counts. This problem has finally been solved thanks to the Chaheati Maxx Heated Chair. So all the parents who love camping or supporting their kids through soccer games don't have to freeze their butts off in the cold anymore. The heated chair is available on the website, as well as on Amazon and it's just $90! Totally worth it!

This butt saving chair went viral on the internet for itds simple and yet super effective design. So what exactly is this marvelous piece of furniture? Well, it is nothing but an ordinary folding chair with one special feature. It consists of a comfortable heating pad. Yup, the chair has it all. It is convinient to move around, light in weight, folds, and now it even makes sure your tush is warm and cozy. You can take it wherever you like, it is one of the most convinient chairs there are. Once you sit on it, getting off it is really hard but only because it is that comfortable.

According to the brand's website, these heated chairs come with four different temperature settings allowing you to adjust to exactly how much your butt needs. These Chaheati heating chairs are apparently also known to be the only heating chairs of their kind in the entire market. The chair uses a woven heating technology to make sure your butt is kept warm at all times. The chair is also fitted with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last you for hours so all you need to do is charge it for a while and you're good to go.

The product's creator claims that the idea for the chair struck him on a cold night in November while sitting next to a bonfire. "On this particular night, everyone (more so my wife) was warm and toasty on the front half of their bodies and like blocks of ice on their back halves. While watching my wife's comical frustrations from repeatedly sitting, standing, and turning to warm up, I thought 'There has to be an easier, more comfortable way for everyone to have a good time.' I thought that with today's technology there should be a heated portable chair," the creator says on the website.


He continues, "After much research we found nothing. Both my wife and I agreed that a heated chair would make a great product for hunters, campers, tailgaters, RVer's, soccer moms, and football fans of all types. And thus Chaheati was born! So, if you find yourself in an outdoor event and feeling either a little chilly or just downright freezing, the Cheheati makes the perfect companion." The chairs even have a place for you to keep your drink. The batteries last you around six hours based on the temperature settings, what more does one need?


As of now, there are three different models of the chair available. The original chair retails for a price of $109, there is also a the MAXX which is selling for $119 and is totally worth it. Well, if you don't mind spending a few extra bucks to get the best of the best then there is a special version of the MAXX for you. This version features a mossy oak pattern retailing for $129. Compared to the MAXX, this special version has a larger heated surface area and even a USB port in case you need to charge your phone or laptop while camping or while admiring the sunrise/sunset.


The users on social media have fallen in love with this product, especially those who love spending time outdoors.  Facebook user, Yoslt Schmidt wrote, Soccer moms and dads rejoice. A heated folding chair exists! Schmidt even shared the Amazon link to the product so the other users could check it out for themselves. Cyndy McKinley added, Ummmmmmmm.....do we all need to get one of these for next season???#ilikewarmbuttsandicannotlie #coldrinkwarmtush #iwantone. 


Since we're already talking about keeping body parts warm, have you ever come across these unbelievably adorable heated slippers that resembles two disgruntled cats! The product was designed by a brand named Smoko, these sassy plush cat slippers are available in both USB charging and wireless variants. It is said to be "one size fits most" kind of product. The USB variant comes with a 57-inch-long cord which can be connected to any USB port. Also, there are dog people and cat people in the world and the company has not forgotten that. The brand has puppy looking footwarmers too!


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