World's 'Oldest 21-Year-Old' Born On Leap Day In 1936 Gets Her First 'Legal' Drink At 84 Years Old

World's 'Oldest 21-Year-Old' Born On Leap Day In 1936 Gets Her First 'Legal' Drink At 84 Years Old

In Aviation Gin's latest advertisement, Arlene Manko is seen celebrating her big leap into adulthood as she finally 'turned 21' on Feb 29, 2019.

Cover Image: YouTube/Arlene's Big Leap-Ryan Reynolds

To celebrate one of the rarest occasions of her life, actor Ryan Reynolds treated Arlene Manko to a drink. Born on February 29, 1936, Manko is legally considered to be 84 years old, but technically she only celebrated her 21st birthday this Saturday. Rejoicing this momentous occasion, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds poured Manko her first 'legal' drink from his liquor company Aviation Gin.


The 43-year-old star's company recently released this hilarious advertisement celebrating the birthday of one of the world's oldest '21-year-olds.' The advertisement, that perfectly embodies Reynolds' sense of humor, begins by introducing us to Manko and doesn't hesitate to point out that she is not an actor. In due course of the interview, which takes place in her home, Reynolds' voice is heard explaining how the Manko's birthday falls on a leap year and that she only gets to celebrate it once in four years.



The lady reveals that she was just 5-years-old when she got married. 'I was technically five years old when I got married. I had seven kids in ten years. Do you think sometimes I didn't want a drink?' she explains. "Following the rules and doing what you're told is important to me because that's what I was taught. You don't get in trouble when you do what you're told." Despite her resolve to follow the rules and avoid getting into any kind of trouble, Manko confesses that she's "no angel" when it comes to drinking. 


Image Source: YouTube/Ryan Reynolds


The advertisement goes on to show footage of her approaching a cashier and providing him her ID while trying to purchase alcohol. At some point, the man looks dubiously at her while checking her ID. She even tries changing her look and wearing a fake mustache to get her hands on alcohol. "Thirty thousand six hundred seventy-nine days I've waited to turn 21," says Manko who has finally attained the legal drinking age. "That's OK, I'm ready to party," she notes as Reynolds' voiceover explains that he wants his company's drink to be her first.



"Now, finally, she is turning 21, announces the actor, adding, "We wanted her first legal drink to be Aviation Gin." We then see Manko peacefully sipping on what looks like a gin and tonic with a birthday cake sitting nearby. "Holy Moses!" she exclaims. The faux-21-year-old also admits that she "didn't know who Ryan Reynolds was" when she was approached about the advertisement. Responding to this, Reynolds can be heard saying, "Ignore her. She's been drinking." The celebration was not just limited to Manko but is available for others who share the exact birthday as her. 


According to a release shared by the company with USA TODAY, "Aviation Gin is honoring anyone else born on Feb. 29, 1936, who has had to patiently wait all these years to finally ring in their 21st birthday. Those of legal leap year drinking age can email Reynolds at [email protected] for a gift card to an online spirits retailer." The ad was posted on the actor's Twitter and Instagram handle on Friday, ahead of Manko's big day. Unsurprisingly, there was an outpour of equally hilarious responses. Making a reference to Silence of the Lambs, one Twitter user Forsberholic pointed out the uncanny similarities between Manko and Anthony Hopkins' eyes. 



To this, Joe King replied: Thank god it wasn’t just me. Another user, who identified herself as Manko's relative, wrote: This is actually my daughter’s grandmother. Ar is the kindest most loving woman I have ever met. My daughter Courtney took her to LA to film this for @VancityReynolds & @AviationGin. Here they are on the set. Happy Birthday, Ar! There were several others who shared what it was like to be a leap year baby. 








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