The Internet Can't Seem To Figure Out This 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle

The Internet Can't Seem To Figure Out This 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle

Twitter users had some interesting and hilarious answers for a puzzle presented at the popular daytime television game show Wheel of Fortune.

The popular daytime television game show Wheel of Fortune has prompted people to come up with guesses for a brain-wracking puzzle. Oftentimes, people get carried away in all of the confusion and end up delivering answers that could be a little too lewd for the audience.

However, that's what makes this long-running game show a favorite among many of its viewers who look forward to witnessing the risque guesses made by contestants on the show. 



During one such episode, a woman was presented with a rather baffling question which she was able to decipher rather quickly, taking everyone by surprise.

Now, the puzzle could have easily prompted some lewd answers but unfortunately, the viewers were deprived of that fun when the contestant guessed the right answer instantly. However, netizens took it upon themselves to approach it with their own hilarious answers.

The puzzle that read "--CK -T -ORK" went viral instantly. One Twitter user @twittersgoodboy began the thread by posting a picture of the blank question and saying "Suck it dork" and others were quick to follow suit. 





Of course, this wasn't the actual answer, not just because it was inappropriate but due to the fact that the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were turned around, making it impossible for the suggested answer.

However, over 40,000 people agreed to @twittersgoodboy that his answer was indeed hilarious. Some ended up providing their own suggestions as well! Some like @Thee2Chainz suggested: Sick at work, while @thorazos took an indecent approach and wrote: F*CK AT WORK.

One Twitter user's mother got her hands a little dirty and guessed "Lick it dork." @CarlyGroff wrote: My mothers answer to this was lick it dork. But suck it dork works too. Most of the answers seemed to be leaning towards "suck" for the first word and "Mork" or "Pork" for the last one.





Finally, one person cleared the whole confusion and presented everyone with the right answer. @aloysiuscc wrote: Watched this tonight and my thought was "suck it work," so I was very impressed when the contestant got "back at work" in less than 1 sec.

Yes, the answer is Back At Work. Did you get it right? 

Well, this isn't the first time that people have given out answers that were a tad bit lewd. According to a report by Daily Mail, one contestant hilariously attempted to solve a puzzle which was "A Streetcar Named Desire" and ended up guessing "A Streetcar Naked Desire."




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