These 20 Women Prove That Body Hair Can Be Absolutely Desirable

These 20 Women Prove That Body Hair Can Be Absolutely Desirable

"It's completely natural and beautiful. Natural beauty could be classified as a protest; by creating a contrast between common ‘fashionable’ female beauty, and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair, thoughts are intrigued and a discussion is made."

Times are constantly changing, just like beauty trends. Corsets were once used on a large scale, but now, people have begun to embrace their body the way it is. For years, women have been subjected nothing short of torture because having body hair was frowned upon and women with a little bit of hair on their body, be it their face or their arms, or even their underarms were judged.  It's just how your body is, and the sooner you accept that and embrace your body, you'll realize there's nothing that beats the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. In an effort to encourage women to be more accepting of their body, London-based photographer Ben Hopper set out to give women a platform to go against the unrealistic beauty standards that exist. So, he gathered a group of women and did a 'Natural Beauty' photo shoot that shows women in their natural state, and there's nothing undesirable about them!

1. "My underarms were never ‘pretty’ or ‘feminine’. I hated it and was made miserable by it."


2. "I don’t believe it’s anyone’s fault the way that this society preconceived..."


3. "It really irritated me that the people who reacted negatively to my natural armpit hair were men. "


4.  "Not shaving shouldn't be a statement but it is."


5. "I let it grow, curious to what it would feel like au natural in an area so taboo and visible to the rest of the world. "



6.  "I find a little hair truly very beautiful and the altered form just appears somewhat absurd and uncomfortable."


7. " If I had felt any need to respond, I didn't need to, because several other people I didn't know had already done it for me.”


8. "Not shaving was a part of the long process on my journey to self-acceptance and self-love."


9. "I feel that so many women are programmed to constantly worry about appearance from a very young age."


10. "It was a paradigm shift into letting go and seeing myself in a natural state, realizing how beautiful it is to embrace this part of you!"


11. "The expectations from our culture regarding body hair seemingly determines the body’s beauty on being almost or even entirely hairless."


12. "When it started to get longer I found myself often stroking the hair, I couldn't resist playing with it. It felt quite erotic."


13. "And that ultimately if I do or don't have body hair it's no one's business but my own.”


14. "As my hair grew, I grew stronger with it.”


15.  "You feel stronger for not giving in to the way you've been told to be."


16. "I like to color my armpit hair in blue, pink or white. I think it’s beautiful."


17.  "I realized that beauty is really just in the eye of the beholder and that all of us have a choice."


18. "If I wasn't supposed to have the hair it wouldn't grow. "


19. "It’s been about two years since I stopped shaving so I guess the answer is that I clearly don’t care. "



20. "I think it adds something interesting and different from what we normally see on women."


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