Over 250 Whales Mercilessly Butchered As A Part Of 'Insane Blood Sport' Ritual

Over 250 Whales Mercilessly Butchered As A Part Of 'Insane Blood Sport' Ritual

The disturbing event, which saw over 250 whales ruthlessly killed during this year's first hunt, is an annual tradition called Grindadràp in the region.

Image Source: Getty Images/Jan Egil Kristiansen (Representative)

Disclaimer: This story contains distressing details of animal slaughter that readers may find disturbing

Horrific images show the sea turning red with the blood of dozens of whales as they were massacred in an appalling ritual at the Faroe Islands. The disturbing event, which saw more than 250 whales being ruthlessly killed during this year's first hunt, is an annual tradition called Grindadràp in the region. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is in its full swing, the hunters weren't discouraged from participating in the ritual which was described as an "insane blood sport" by ORCA, a charity which is working towards ending the heartless sport. 



As the mammals attempted to migrate past the shores of the Danish territory, they were surrounded by licensed hunters and forced to herd towards the beach where they were hacked to death, reports the Mirror. Describing the traditional hunts, which is believed to date back 1,000 years, as "barbaric", campaign group Sea Shepherd shared the heartbreaking images to raise awareness and put a stop to it. 252 long-finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were killed in Hvalba last night after the huge pod was found off Sandvik, wrote Sea Shepherd in a statement on Saturday. 




This is the first organized Grindadràp hunt of 2020 with the meat from the hunt distributed first to the approximately 70 hunt participants from the boats and those killing on the beach - and then the remainder to villages on Suðuroy with all recipients then free to sell their share of the meat if they so wish, the statement added. Every year 100,000 pilot whales swim close to the Faroe Islands, which is situated in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland. It is comprised of 18 tiny islands. On average, about 800 whales are slaughtered each year during the Faroese hunt. 



The disgusting sport has been condemned by many charities including ORCA, who recently took to Twitter and wrote: To the beautiful family of pilot whales that were brutally murdered in the Danish #FaroeIslands, we are so deeply sorry... We will keep fighting to end this insane blood sport. RIP beautiful family... Please Boycott the Faroe Islands! #GrindStop #Denmark #StopKillingWhales.

Last year, nearly 100 whales were heartlessly killed on the Danish-owned Faroe Islands. Among several gruesome photos of these murdered creatures surfaced one which broke millions of hearts. It was the pictures of dead calves still residing inside their dead mothers' womb. 



In a Facebook post, the Sea Shepherd revealed that about "94 long finned pilot whales" that day, including "4 calves and at least 5 pregnant whales." Detailing the incident, the group wrote: This grindadrap hunt involved over 5 hours of Faroese boats harassing and chasing the pod -and the killing took around 12 minutes with the stressed and exhausted pilot whales of all ages being killed indiscriminately in front of their family members until all were left silent on the blood-red sands of Vestmanna. In yet another post, the group updated the death toll of the massacre and revealed how their crew members had followed a truck that left the site the following day. 



They witnessed the most dreadful fate of these dead whales- the remains of the pilot whales, calves, and fetuses were being dumped over a cliff into the sea. "Seeing how the Faroese dump these victims, it is clear that they have no respect for pilot whales or dolphins - either when they are alive, or after they have been killed," expressed Faroes campaign leader and Sea Shepherd UK director, Rob Read. "For years, Sea Shepherd has been saying that far too many pilot whales and dolphins are being killed than can be eaten by the Faroese people. The Faroese mercilessly kill every dolphin that comes close to their lethal shores and they do it for sport and the proof of this has been documented once again today with the dumping of carcasses and meat into the sea. This horrific slaughter is a disgrace to Denmark, Europe and to humanity," shared Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd. 

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