This Mystical Forest In Belgium Has A Mesmerizing Carpet Of Bluebell Flowers

This Mystical Forest In Belgium Has A Mesmerizing Carpet Of Bluebell Flowers

A mystical forest located in Belgium is called Hallerbos or Halle Forest in Dutch and it's sure to take your visual senses for a jolly ride.

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If you've always been fascinated with forests, especially the ones that look like they have come straight out of a fairy tale, then you'd be glad to know that something like that exists in the real world. A mystical forest in Belgium is called Hallerbos or Halle Forest in Dutch and it's sure to take your visual senses for a ride. One of the main reasons why the forest, situated between Zenne and Zoniën, is considered to be fairy-tale is due to its dense carpet of blue flowers on the floor called Bluebell or wild hyacinths. According to Bored Panda, the stunning flowers bloom in spring and early summer (mid-April) every year and this breath-taking display of the stunning purple-blue flowers is where the forest gets its name from. 



For years, the forest has attracted tourists and photographers from across the globe to capture its unique features. When there is fog, they give the woods a mysterious environment that you can visually capture on camera, but the essence is something you could probably not explain to another person. There is a lot more to observe than just the blue flower carpet. Even during the offseason, the Hallerbros is worth visiting as it houses brooks and a tremendous wealth of fauna and flora. The invaluable valley forest makes for stunning walks and a veritable walkers’ paradise.




The Hallerbos and the Sonian Forest were connected for a long time. Its soil and relief have existed for years, however, the trees are relatively young as a huge portion of the forest was felled during and after the first World War. Following this, it was reforested between 1930 and 1950. According to its website, the "Hallerbos covers close on 555 hectares, of which 100 hectares forest reserve and 5 hectares nature reserve, known as 'de Duling.' The four deep valleys that cut through the forest, the pure, calcareous water, and the different soil types create a diversity of habitats for numerous species. From chalk marsh through rich beech forest to the less fertile coniferous woods: the Hallerbos has it all! Aside from the typical forest species, also heathers and carex paniculata (greater tussock-sedge) are thriving here."



People who love a peaceful environment would absolutely love this place. You can indulge in calming activities like walking, cycling, and riding in the Hallerbos. These hiking trails leave you mesmerized, The Sequoia Trail (4 km) takes you past the redwoods, those forest giants from California and The Reebok (Deer) Trail (7 km) takes you through different types of forest. 




The Achtdreven Trail (1.8 km), in the heart of the forest, has been designed for the less mobile visitor. This route has been hard-cored, has plenty of places to rest and is almost completely level," describes the site. Thanks to the designated paths for horses, you can enjoy horse riding in the stunning forest. Additionally, the place also has facilities for children, like play areas where they can run around "to their heart's content." So, you don't have to worry about the place not being entertained for kids. During both spring, the week of the Bluebell, and autumn, the week of the forest, there are many activities that you can choose from.  



Be sure to check out the website and contact the tourist office for details regarding group visits. 

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