Mother-In-Law Wears A Wedding Dress To Her Son's Wedding; The Reason Will Leave You In Tears

Mother-In-Law Wears A Wedding Dress To Her Son's Wedding; The Reason Will Leave You In Tears

At first glance, everyone would assume there's some bad blood brewing between the bride and the mother-in-law, but there's a story behind why she wore a bridal dress, and the reason will touch your heart.

Weddings are a stressful affair and things don't really go as planned as we expect it to. Being a wedding guest comes with a lot of rules and regulations, but the first rule is to give the bride and groom the most attention and to not do anything that really steals their thunder. It is their day after all. One such rule is that you can't wear a wedding dress to someone else's wedding.  Besides, there's always a preconceived notion that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law never get along. So, understandably, when Amy Pennza’s mother-in-law showed up to her big day in a white bridal gown, everyone assumed it was because the woman wanted to piss her off.

Surprisingly, Pennza wasn't angry or upset. To date, she doesn't even hold a grudge against her mother-in-law. It's shocking how someone can pull off such a stunt and just get away with it? Well, for that, you'll need to go through Pennza's story to know why she understands her husband's mother so well and did not take offense, even when it was something that would have ruined someone else's big day for them.

Here's where it all started.  Amy Pennza had tweeted in response to Jimmy Fallon's call on epic wedding fails. 



Obviously, her tweet went caught the attention of everyone and went viral. People were invested and wanted to know more. Was she still with the woman's son? Did she throw a tantrum? They were hungry for details.







Amy Pennza then took to Twitter to explain the situation. 











Her sister, bless her, was hoping that Pennza wouldn't notice with all the wedding activities going around her. 







And here's where you need to grab your tissues. 









Coming from an impoverished background, Pennza's mother-in-law knew she had to make the most of what she had, and it often reflects in her epic money-saving skills to date. Can you really blame her?











As they say, "old habits die hard", Pennza's mother-in-law lives for bargains even as she grew older.











Now,  with the wedding (then) around the corner, Pennza explained how her mother-in-law picked up the dress. Her mother-in-law later learned the errors of her ways and felt bad about it.





However,  there was no malice behind the mother-in-law intention of wearing the wedding dress to her son's wedding (like most assumed to be). It's just that she found a great dress at a steal and wanted a chance to shine in the dress, and what better opportunity to do that than at a wedding? Pennza holds no hard feelings against her mother-in-law because she is a caring and generous soul, and has been there for Pennza and her family when it was needed the most.









Instead of fretting and fuming, Pennza saw the humorous side to this unforgettable event which is bound to make people remember this for years to come.  She was even concerned that her mother-in-law might feel hurt when the thread blew up. But her mother-in-law wasn't bothered, she was only happy to know that it made her "famous".





We are so quick to judge something that we actually fail to see the real reason behind something. We wouldn't have known it if Pennza hadn't taken the time out to explain it to us. Soon after this thread, people changed their minds!






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