This Sight Of Homeless Mother And Son Playing On The Road Shows Money Can Never Buy Happiness

This Sight Of Homeless Mother And Son Playing On The Road Shows Money Can Never Buy Happiness

As the adage goes, "money cannot buy happiness", and this homeless mother and son exemplified that. They were snapped by a motorist stuck in traffic who was moved by their interaction.

We make our best memories during our childhood but sometimes circumstances lead to our childhood being snatched away from us. This mostly happens to children from families from the lower economic classes. They see a lot more of the world than they should at their age. However, it is up to the parents to protect them as much as they can and mothers try to give their children all the happiness they possibly can. Recently, a man from the Philippines came across a mother and son playing on the side of the road while he was stuck in traffic. The Facebook user, Ameniel Del Mundo, spotted the mother and son while driving through Airport road under the NAIA Expressway in Paraรฑaque. He was so moved by the incident that he took to social media and shared pictures of the boy and the mother, and expressed his thoughts on what he saw.   As reported by the Inquirer, "I was suddenly reminded at how powerful a motherโ€™s love toward her children has no need for material things," said Del Mundo.


He further added, "I was stressed by some issues in my business when I saw the child playing with his mom and the mother grabbed the child and played with him as well," Del Mundo said in an interview with the Inquirer via Facebook Messenger on Saturday. "The two were playing happily at the island while I was grumbling about my situation inside the car." However, he mentioned that he did not have the time to get out of his car and go talk to them even though he felt like. 


Del Mundo said that he hoped to see the mother and son again so that he can actually go and talk to them this time but they seem to have moved to another location. He searched for them on Friday but couldn't find them. Since that is a route he takes often, he hopes that they come back there someday and he can meet them and tell them how much of an inspiration they have been in his life and how moved he is by their relationship. This just goes to show that money isn't everything.



"They might be moving around since I tried to came back on Friday and Saturdays, but they were nowhere to be found, will come back this week since I remember their faces very well," he said. The photo has gone viral on Facebook. It has around 23,000 likes and 20,000 shares. The thing that moved Del Mundo the most was the fact that even though the mother was not able to provide her child with the best toys or take him to the best amusement parks and what not, she was still able to make him happy with whatever she has.


Materialistic things only go so far in making someone happy, and the feeling is only temporary. They cannot buy anyone true happiness. The woman and her son only drive home the point that we really do not need money to have a good time. The mother was content and happy in her surrounding and only focussed on her son. Now, that's pure joy.



In his post, alongside the pictures, Del Mundo wrote, "Proof that happiness is a choice. ๐Ÿ™‚  Edit: This mother and her son were found playing in the middle of heavy traffic at the tramo-airport road on Tuesday. Amidst poverty and without any material things, the mother and her son remains to be happy and content and could be seen playing around. This game is a popular way within the filipino families to entertain their kids.  For those who wanted to help, we are still looking for them since yesterday, as we cant find the family. Will update as soon as we find them. ๐Ÿ™‚"


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