Mom Reveals How "Trusted Friend" Seduced Her 13-Year-Old, Had His Baby And Accused Him Of Rape

Mom Reveals How "Trusted Friend" Seduced Her 13-Year-Old, Had His Baby And Accused Him Of Rape

The mother shared how devastated her son was following this ordeal.

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A mother has opened up about her trusted friend who seduced her 13-year-old son and even had his baby while babysitting him. What's even more sickening is the fact that she went on to accuse the teen boy of rape after having groomed him herself. In May, Leah Cordice was sentenced to 30 months in jail for grooming the boy and having sex with the minor multiple times between 2017 and 2018, according to The Sun. When she was just 17 she gave him free fish and chips as "little treats" so he doesn't disclose the abuse. Then she gave birth to the teen's child and falsely accused him of raping her. 


The mother of the boy, who spoke under anonymity, revealed that her son has been "torn apart." Speaking to Daily Star she said, "Leah was a trusted friend of the family. She burst into my son's room while I wasn't there, while he was relaxing playing his games, and forced herself on him. She never tried it when I was at home, she knew how wrong it was. Leah is a tall woman, my son was a very small boy when the abuse began. It disgusts me." The mom reportedly defended Cordice initially when cops told her about the allegations. Apparently her son was too afraid to admit the reality, so he lied to the police about it. 

It wasn't until a friend of the woman who told her that she had "become a grandma" that everything became clear. "The room spun and I realized what she meant. Suddenly, it all clicked into place. My son admitted it straight away. [Cordice] warned him not to say anything to anyone. He was scared of her," she said, adding that a DNA test proved that her son was the infant's father. The child was put up for adoption and has since found a home but the woman's son was left "devastated" after being unable to see his daughter. "Having my grandchild taken away, my son becoming a dad at such a young age – it’s been ­incredibly traumatic for us all. My son will now only be allowed to meet his daughter again when she’s 18. It devastated him, he had a breakdown," she said. 


We had previously reported that 20-year-old Cordice's husband 21-year-old Daniel Robbins was torn after discovering that their daughter was actually fathered by a teen boy that his wife had groomed. Robbins expressed how "everything I cherished was taken away" after his wife was found guilty of indulging in sexual activities with a child, reports The Sun. Robbins met his wife in 2015 when they were in college. Sparks flew immediately and the two fell in love or so Robbins believed. In early 2017, the pair broke up briefly as Cordice continued working as a childcare student in a nursery and also volunteered as a babysitter. At 17, Cordice was hired by a family to look after the teenage boy who was 13 at the time. Instead, she allegedly preyed upon him one night when he was playing Xbox in his bedroom.

During the proceeding at Reading Crown Court, the youngster told the jury how Cordice pulled his trousers down and begged him to have sex with her. Following this, the two had intercourse on the teen's bed but it didn't stop there. According to the outlet, Cordice continued having sex with the boy two or three times a month despite having rekindled her relationship with Robbins. She would even send texts complimenting the boy and saying how she loved him, as a part of her grooming. After the first illegal encounter, Cordice was pregnant with the teen's baby and told her long time boyfriend Robbins that it was his. Robbins, who believed her, insisted that they should get married before Cordice gave birth to the baby. 


Five months before giving birth, the two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony which was attended by a few close family members and friends. "The wedding was a bit rushed but I have good memories of the day," shared Robbins. Following a short honeymoon in Windsor, the pair welcomed their daughter and Robbins was over the moon. "The day the baby was born was, and still is, the best time in my life. Seeing her coming into the world changed my view on love, it opened my mind. She was very happy, she was funny. Every time I got a new top she’d throw up on it. She’d spill her milk all over me and dribble in my face but I didn’t mind at all," he added. "I enjoyed every moment of fatherhood, I really did. It was the best time... until the DNA test," said Robbins.


“It hurts like hell. I had an amazing life. Everything was going so well. I had a secure job, a nice place, a good relationship and a beautiful daughter. All of a sudden, everything I cherished was taken away — my child, my wife, my home, my job," he said. "What do I have left? It’s heartbreaking.”

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