Mom Lets 2-Yr-Old Son Wear A Dress To Wedding, Gets Called Out For 'Making Her Son Gay'

Mom Lets 2-Yr-Old Son Wear A Dress To Wedding, Gets Called Out For 'Making Her Son Gay'

Mother of three, Joanna Minuzzo, 39, initially denied her son's request to wear a beautiful dress on her big day, however, she checked herself and let her toddler wear something that made him happy.

A 39-year-old mother from Scotland reportedly decided to let her son wear a beautiful dress to her wedding as he refused to put on anything else. Joanna Minuzzo, who now lives in Cairns, Australia with her husband Najee, 31 gave her son three outfit choices.

One of these choices included a kilt that represented her home country, however, her 2-year-old boy seemed awestruck by his sister's gorgeous dresses and wished to wear something along those lines. According to the Dailly Mail, Minuzzo's son first expressed his fascination with frocks back in January this year. 


The toddler asked his mother if he could wear his sibling's cute Minnie Mouse dress. Initially, his mother denied his request, however, she did question her reaction later on. "To start with I told him no because boys don't wear dresses. Then I thought why not? Why can't he wear it? Who makes these rules? Who is he hurting? He is happy, why am I fighting it? Don't sweat the small stuff," recalled the 39-year-old.

A baby and toddler sleep consultant by profession, Minuzzo decided that she wanted her kids to be "free to be who they want to be" mentioning further that she was "guided" by her son. A week prior to the marriage she borrowed a stunning, puffy, blue dress from a friend for her baby boy to wear on their big day. 


It was while going through the wedding photographs that Minuzzo witnessed pictures of men getting ready on May 11. After seeing how her husband helped their son get into his desired outfit and fully embraced his choice, the mother of three could not help but be touched by Najee's gesture.

"It gave me chills to see the photographs of my husband helping our son get ready and cemented exactly why I fell in love with him. Not many men would do that," expressed the newlywed bride. "He put the happiness of his son above everything else, he is an amazing dad, stepdad, and role model. The photo reflected a truly beautiful moment between father and son," added an emotional mother and wife.


Although his parents were accepting of their son's outfit choice, many people weren't. People were of the opinion that by allowing her son to wear such clothes, Minuzzo was "making him gay." Backing her decision the strong mother said, "I am raising children who feel secure enough in themselves to be true to who they really are." The 39-year-old shared how her actions were indeed normal.

"My son likes to wear them [dresses]. He is two, he doesn't even know he is a boy yet or that there is a difference between him and his sisters. It's not complicated, I don't have to dress him in traditional boys' clothes just because that's the norm and acceptable. There may come a time soon when he doesn't want to wear a dress or girls' clothes. I will be guided by him," she said.


"To be kind and inclusive to others too. We have a generation of adults who are too afraid of being themselves because of the fear of being judged," continued Minuzzo. "I want my children to know that the only person's opinion of them that matters is their own." 

Emphasizing on the importance of having an impartial judgment as a parent she said, "My children trust me, they can come to me when they have problems and they know I won't judge them. My seven-year-old has amazing emotional literacy and I'm so, so proud of that." Explaining her views further, she added, "I don't want my children thinking they have to conform to stereotypes that don't serve them." 


"I can't stand it when people tell my girls to be ladylike. What the hell is that anyway? Who makes these rules and why are there different to rules for men?" said Minuzzo talking about the prevalent gender bias. "Equally I can't stand it if I hear, "boys don't cry". That really grinds my gears. We end up with men that can't express how they feel and an unequal society, it's just toxic."

Finally, she expressed, "I'm not doing anything revolutionary or new, I am being respectful of my children's choices. It's not harming anyone, it's not that big a deal to allow your children that little bit of autonomy." It's just her children's' happiness that matters to her and not the socially accepted norms. 


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