Mother Drives To School Only To Realize That She Left Her Kids Back Home

Mother Drives To School Only To Realize That She Left Her Kids Back Home

This hilarious parenting mishap became viral after being viewed over 4 million times.

Image Source: Twitter/prriissss

Just showing up is half the battle, they say. If we were to go by that, then a mother who recently went viral for driving her kids to school but not dropping them off is partially victorious, right? Well, being a parent isn't easy and every now and then they tend to miss stuff despite trying their best. But one mother was in such a daze during her school run that she drove off without her children. In a viral clip, the unidentified woman can be seen laughing hysterically while pointing her camera at the empty backseat of her car. 


While most parents prefer keeping these details to themselves, this one mother decided to record the hilarious moment and explain how she was "half-asleep this morning" when she left for school. The video was shared by Twitter user @torrespriss. "The kids are not in the car," she was heard saying in the clip. "I'm driving to school without my kids! 'I am taking the kids to school and I don't even have them in the car. I have to go back and pick them up." In the video, which has been viewed over 4 million times, the mother pans the camera around to show everyone what she had done before erupting in a fit of laughter. 


"I can't believe it. I left my kids...at home," she was heard saying. It's unclear as to how long it took for the woman to finally realize that her kids were missing. "Oh my God, I'm such an idiot," she said while laughing. "I was half asleep this morning. Where are my kids? I have to go back." Even Twitter users couldn't help but laugh at this 46-second clip.  Sharing a somewhat similar incident, @NASH wrote: One time I was giving a friend a ride and they asked if their coworker can get one too, so I hear the doors close and I pull off boom we arrive and I only hear one door open I look back and I’m like wth did he go? Come to find out he opened and close the door to go around. 


Another user @Zid shared: Reminded me of my mom leaving my younger brother at a supermarket and driving back home without him. She realized that after 10 min when she asked questions and no answers from him which made her quite upset and looked behind the passenger seats. Addressing this parenting mishap, several people posted hilarious comments and some simply couldn't stop laughing. Few even made drew similarities between this incident and the movie Home Alone. 












Of course, there were some who revealed the dangers of not being attentive, especially if you're a parent. However, most of these comments were pretty lighthearted. 




But there was one who pointed out how stressed the mom must have been to have done that. 






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