Moms Are Now Applying Makeup Before Giving Birth And People Are Not Sure How They Should React To That!

Moms Are Now Applying Makeup Before Giving Birth And People Are Not Sure How They Should React To That!

Women are applying makeup before labor because they don't want to look like a mess in the pictures they have to look at forever!

People say there's nothing more painful than childbirth and it may be right. Also, it is one of the most documented instances of life. A new baby coming into the world is worth being filmed, but it's not always a glamorous sight to behold. Sometimes, it's really raw and painful. But, guess what the latest labor room trend is? Moms-to-be are now applying makeup to look their best while giving birth to their babies. As bizarre as it sounds, a study by Cosmetify revealed that 64 percent of women aged 18 to 31 get beauty treatments before going into labor, including hair removal (65 percent), a manicure (57 percent), pedicure (43 percent), spray tan (37 percent) or a blow-dry, cut or styling (32 percent). 

In the same study, women were asked why they would want to apply makeup. Some among the top reasons were looking good in photos (31 percent), looking presentable for visitors (26 percent) or to avoid looking ill, drained and tired (22 percent). Three-quarters of the recipients also admitted that they announced the birth on social media on the same day, with the average time taking three hours. 

For some women, applying makeup during labor could be a way they distract themselves from the pain, while for others, it could be because they want to look good when they post a picture announcing their birth on social media.  Whatever the reason may be, there are gorgeous pictures of women looking their best during labor. As always, there have been positive and negative comments about it, but here are some women who decided to go all out!

Brianna Lynch made sure she looked her best during labor: Have you ever done winged liner with a blood pressure cuff on? I'll tell you it's hard haha #GlamLabor


 According to @lash_adore, this lady who was soon to be a mother prepper her lashes before she gave birth. All about looking good.


Leann Jarrel did a full makeup routine minutes before giving birth. Contractions? Highlight that bitch 🔥😝 Once a 👸🏻, Always a 👸🏻  ✨ #laboranddelivery #makeuptutorial#glamduringlabor #givingbirth


Another woman, Alaha, took to Instagram to share a sweet story. I applied my makeup because, like I said, I was in excruciating pain and needed something, anything, that would require my full attention and take my mind off of the pain! 


Lindsay had a false alarm and she was taken to the labor room, so she had some time to get her makeup on point.  


Diana, too, went all out and made sure her makeup was on fleek before labor. I am thAt XXtra ass mom!😂💋 So this is why I’ve been gone for sooo long if you guys care or noticed. I’m officially a mommy!!


 For people who can't apply makeup themselves, they get people to do it for them. Tegan said her sister was nervous, and to calm her down she did her makeup. Half way through doing her makeup she was so relaxed that her contractions sped up to every few mins and we then had to race to the hospital - She was 7cm dilated


Christina Elizabeth went and got her lashes done because she was about to go into labor.  Labour lashes by the lovely @lashes_by_jessica  #lashes #lashextentions #love #cantlivewithoutlashes #classiclashes #volumelashes#mixed #readyforlabour#labourlashes.


Women should always consult with their doctors when it comes to product safety. “Lists are always ordered from largest to smallest in terms of ingredient quantity,” New York-based makeup artist Mary Irwin toldThe Bump. “Remember, the first three things listed will be the most active. Also, the smaller the list, the less likely you are to have a reaction.” According to the Arizona OBGYN Affiliates: “Most makeup products, such as powders, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. are safe to use during pregnancy, as long as you avoid those makeup products that contain retinoids or salicylic acid.”


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