Mom Gives Newborn Baby A Dangerous "Claw-Like" Manicure, Gets Slammed For Bad Parenting

Mom Gives Newborn Baby A Dangerous "Claw-Like" Manicure, Gets Slammed For Bad Parenting

While it does look aesthetically pleasing, it's quite literally a weapon. A lot of people also believe it's photoshopped.

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Being a mother makes you do crazy things. You go on an errand and come back with the whole store just because you wanted to give your child the best there is. As a parent, there's no limit on what you can do for your child, and it includes dressing them up according to the latest trends. But, where exactly do you draw the line? Some moms get shamed for putting even the tiniest bit of makeup on their kids, and now, a mother is being shamed for giving her newborn baby a full-blown manicure, complete with one-inch long nails. While it does look aesthetically pleasing, it's quite literally a weapon. 



First of all, toddlers have very sharp nails and they are prone to put their fingers in their mouth and these stiletto-type nails can not only be a choking hazard if they come off, but they can also harm the child. According to Daily Mail, a woman whose name has not been released, reportedly shared a picture of her holding a baby's hands, after a manicure, with lengthy fake nails attached. A screenshot by the publication also shows how the woman shared a few different styles and colors of nails on the baby's hands, along with the caption, "I can do your babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates."



However, these images have been reshared on Twitter, and people couldn't help but point out just how dangerous this could prove to be. Meanwhile, a lot of people think these nails were photoshopped, but it doesn't change the fact that this is something that definitely must not be encouraged. Carol Thompson shared on Facebook:  What is the matter with some parents today, why can't they just let their children be children. They are not grown-ups and the poor baby could seriously hurt itself with those nails. Time to take some responsibility for your child I think. She does have a valid point, doesn't she?



Ayeasha Somani commented: A newborn's nails are so fragile, I used to be so scared cutting my baby's nails. I wouldn't dream of doing something like this. It's disgusting, irresponsible, and just ridiculous to be honest! If anyone's nails need sorting it's the mums, clearly. Don't endanger your child FFS.  Aura Teves Bryson added: This is outright child abuse! Baby nails are meant to be cut short so they don’t scratch themselves. When they are a few months old they need to be able to pick up things, these stupid nails would only impede normal child development, the poor child, the mother thinks she is an accessory and not a child.



Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time a baby's manicured nails have taken the internet by storm. A picture of a baby's hand with perfectly shaped nails was shared on Reddit a while ago. People commented on how they opted for baby mittens as their nails could leave deep scratches on the child's face, but here people are giving them manicures when they probably can't even eat on their own. As one user shared: I hope they did this just for the picture but then again they let the baby's nails grow this much. Either way it's not good. I feel for the kid. The thing is, it's okay to have some fun experimenting with your kids, but if it's something that's bad for you, it's definitely bad for the child and that's where you must draw the line. 

Source: Reddit

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