Mom Shares Daughter's Incredibly Relatable Before-&-After Pics From First Day of School

Mom Shares Daughter's Incredibly Relatable Before-&-After Pics From First Day of School

When Jill, Lucie's mom, asked her what she'd been up to because she was astonished at her condition, Lucie replied, "nothing much."

When it comes to before-and-after pictures, it's mostly always about going from bad to good, right? People will post pictures of you going in for a makeover, and coming out all decked up. However, Lucie, a five-year-old girl, really likes to be clean and immaculate when she's going to school, but when she came back home, her condition was the exact opposite and it was really quite hilarious. The before-and-after photos of the five-year-old's first day back at school have been shared thousands of times online after her mother posted the really funny images on Facebook, reports BBC


Lucie's mom Jill says that by the end of the day, her clothes were disheveled, and after playing with her friends, it was a mess. Jill agreed to let local media Barrhead News share the collage on their Facebook page and it was liked more than 10,000 times. "She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in P2 so she absolutely loved having her new things on," said Jill.

Jill was shocked to see the state of her daughter's clothes on Monday afternoon, so she asked Lucie what she'd been up to. "Nothing much," Lucie said. "The wonders of primary two," Jill said. "The teachers are really good, they do a lot of active learning and things with them—so I take it it was down to that." "She'd obviously had a really fun day," she added. It definitely looks like a day filled with fun from the pictures!



Jill added that she loves to take pictures "off-cue" because they are less "posed". "I knew if I'd asked her for a picture, she would have said no, because of the mess of her. She likes to be clean and things," she added. Jill, who is a mother of three, sent the before and after pictures of Lucie after her father asked Jill how Lucie's first day back at school had been. "He thought it was really funny so we shared it with friends and family on our Facebook," Jill said.



Barrhead News posted the picture with the caption: Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favorite. Jillian's daughter, Lucie, who started her first day back to P2, clearly had a more eventful day than all of us on Monday!  "I don't think they quite anticipated how it would spread," Jill said. She said Lucie has "taken it in her stride" and has been telling everyone "Oh, I'm famous". "I think she's still just a bit too young to understand," Jill added.



There were a lot of people commenting and saying that the pictures were a whole mood. Melanie Simons commented on the pictures: That’s what I look like when I get home from school, and I’m the teacher!  Angela N. Brin added: This is so good, I really think someone with skills could photoshop the second photo so she's walking away from an exploding building in Die Hard John Maclean fashion.



Laura Young posted: My mum used to work in a primary school and one of the best things she ever told me was when the p1s had their shoes on the wrong feet. She would say you’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet, the child would look at their feet confused and reply no Mrs young they’re my feet. Jillybee Brown shared her own daughter's experience: My daughter left the house yesterday immaculate beautiful bun in her hair. Seen a pic of her on the school FB page at lunchtime hair out looking like she had been dragged through a hedge


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