Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video Of 1-Year-Old Daughter's Final Moments Before Donating Her Organs

Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video Of 1-Year-Old Daughter's Final Moments Before Donating Her Organs

After Meagan and Paul Sobolik's daughter Coralynn, 1, was pronounced brain dead, her parents decided to donate her organs which helped save three lives.

Trigger Warning: Distressing Images 

An Iowa mother shared the heartbreaking footage of her 1-year-old daughter being wheeled into organ donation surgery after she was declared brain dead to celebrate the gift of life. Coralynn (Cora) Sobolik's final moments were honored by not only her parents Meagan and Paul Sobolik but also the staff at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester. As Cora was being taken to the surgical ward, doctors and nurses lined up and filled the hospital hallway with the melody of Amazing Grace. According to PEOPLE, Meagan said, "The staff at Mayo was more than any family could ask for. I was speechless, and it was truly wonderful to see and feel so much love and support for our little girl."


Cora's parents first brought her to the Cresco Medical on Friday, April 19, after Cora began experiencing difficulties in breathing, as per the GoFundMe page created by the little girl's aunt. The toddler went on to battle the complications of parainfluenza for five days before she was declared brain dead. Due to the severity of Cora's condition, her doctors decided to transfer her to Mayo Clinic, but in order to do that, the child was required to be sedated and intubated. 


During this procedure, unfortunately, Cora's heart stopped beating and the medical staff had to perform CPR for nearly 25 minutes in an attempt to revive her while her family including her grandmom watched. Once her condition had stabilized, Cora was immediately transferred to the Mayo Clinic Hospital and she arrived there around 4 pm on Friday. After running some tests, doctors were glad to inform her parents that Cora's echocardiogram and heart were performing well. But the joy was shortlived, as things took a turn for the worse. During a CAT scan, her doctors discovered some damage to her brain. 


Yet, they were hoping that she would pull through knowing fully well that she would have a different life than the way it was before. Unfortunately, the child's condition kept deteriorating as her brain started to swell. And then came the moment that no parent should ever have to experience. Cora's parents were told that their sweet baby girl was brain dead at 4:45 pm on Sunday, April 21. "I dropped to my knees and cried and kept saying, ‘No, no, no, God, no,'" said Meagan recalling the devastating moment. "I then felt numb and felt empty."

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After coming to terms with the horrible reality, the pair decided to do something that would ensure Cora's legacy to live on. "When we knew that she wasn’t ever going to wake and that she was gone mentally, we knew that she would want her organs to help people in need," explained Meagan adding how she decided to record this moment for Cora's loved ones who couldn't be there to say goodbye to the little angel. Cora helped save three lives after her heart was given to a 1-year-old boy, her liver to a girl, 1, and a 41-year-old woman received her kidneys. 

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"She is going to be living on within three different people," said her mother. "She isn’t really gone, she lives on in her legacy." In an attempt to encourage others to be organ donors, the couple decided to share those cherished final moments with the world. And once the video shared on social media it touched millions of people everywhere. "When your child donates their organs, they live on in someone else [and] they are saving people that otherwise [might] not be saved without your child’s gifts," explained Meagan. 

Source: GoFundMe

"Our daughter was absolutely the world to us. She was such a happy little girl and always laughing — her laugh was infectious," she added. "Cora is our little superhero, and I believe is becoming an inspiration for millions of people and also helping to raise awareness for organ donation all over the world." Acknowledging the number of lives Cora helped saved, Meagan continued. "We love her and miss her every day and always will, but like I said, she lives on in the three people she saved."

If you wish to become an organ donor and help save lives visit Donate Life America.

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