Woman Who Sang Lullabies While Smothering Her 3 Kids Says She Does "Not Remember Doing It"

Woman Who Sang Lullabies While Smothering Her 3 Kids Says She Does "Not Remember Doing It"

The 22-year-old claimed that she was high on drugs when she killed her 3-year-old son and two infant daughters.

Cover Image Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Trigger Warning: The story has graphic details of child murders that readers will find disturbing.

An Arizona mom who smothered and killed her three small children informed a relative that she does not remember anything about the horrifying murders. Twenty-two-year-old Rachel Henry, who has been in state prison since January, claimed that she was high on drugs when she killed her 3-year-old son and two infant daughters. Charged with first-degree murders, the young woman pleaded not guilty to the crimes. According to 12 News, the latest details of the case came to light during a video call between Pearla Rebolledo, the great aunt of the murdered children, and Henry from prison.




In the video obtained by the publication, Rebolledo asked Henry why she killed her children. "I didn’t know what was going on. I told you I felt like I was losing my mind because I didn’t understand why you guys, why everyone was acting the way they were. I didn't, I was on drugs," she responded. "I was freaking out and I didn't know what to do. I know I was scared."

"That is the point I kept telling you. I felt like I was losing my mind. I didn’t know what was going on, I tried to talk to someone they said I was stupid or I scared, and I didn’t know what I was talking about," she added during the six-minute call.




When pressed more about her actions, Henry said she wanted to go outside but was not being allowed by her family members. "Do you know how bad I wanted to go to the store? I wanted to go outside. I wanted to do this and I wanted to do that. You said I couldn’t be seen by Fransico. You said I couldn’t go to the store because of the babies and this and that. I was trapped in the house and I felt like I was going crazy," she said. As per court documents, Henry allegedly killed her children when the aunt went to pick the children's father up from work.




Henry told police that she wrestled with 23-month-old Mireya before placing her hand over her daughter's mouth, reports USA Today. While the toddler kicked in protest, her 3-year-old brother Zane reportedly yelled at his mother to stop and tried to punch her in the face. However, Henry allegedly remained unfazed and continued to smother her daughter until she stopped breathing. She is then said to have left the child's lifeless body in the back bedroom before trying to chase down Zane.




The aunt and her fiancé supposedly returned home at that moment. After they spent some time playing with the boy, Henry took Zane into a back bedroom to change him and allegedly straddled him with her legs and smothered him as she sang to him. The boy is said to have scratched his mother's chest and tried to pinch her to get her to stop but was unable to escape her clutches. Henry then allegedly fed her youngest daughter Catalaya a bottle until she fell asleep before placing a hand over the 6-month-old's face and obstructing her breathing while singing to her.




The woman placed the bodies of her three dead children on the living room couch as if they were taking a nap and didn't tell her fiancé or the aunt what happened. "I don’t remember doing it (inaudible), because I don’t, it really wasn’t me," Henry told Rebolledo during the call. "I can’t understand, I can’t fathom what you've done," the heartbroken aunt responded. Dr. Carol Olson, chairwoman of the psychiatric department for Valleywise Healthcare, said that Henry's history of methamphetamine use may have been a contributing factor while noting that sudden psychosis is a possible side effect of methamphetamine usage. Henry's trial is set to begin on September 30.



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