Mom-Of-Two Tried To Strangle Both Kids To Death: 'I'm A Bad Mom & I Can't Take Care Of Them'

Mom-Of-Two Tried To Strangle Both Kids To Death: 'I'm A Bad Mom & I Can't Take Care Of Them'

The woman, Hina Sadia, has been charged on two counts of attempted murder. Her son is now stable, but her daughter is still critical.

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A 31-year-old mother from the city of Fife in Washington was arrested after she reportedly tried to strangle both her children to death, as per Daily Mail. Hina Sadia, 31, allegedly admitted to her crime as she said she thought she was a "bad mother". The News Tribune added that she told cops she couldn't care for her kids, which led to her making such a drastic decision. On Sunday, officers working with the Fife Police Department rushed to Sadia's home after she called 911 to inform them that she had killed her daughter, 4,  and that she was about to kill her son, 2, next.


According to court documents, Sadia told dispatchers that “I just killed my child in the bathtub. I don’t know why, but now I’m going to kill my baby boy," she said, according to police reports, as per Q13 Fox. When the dispatchers who were trying to get her to calm down asked her over the call as to why she wanted to kill her children, she said, "I am a bad mother and I cannot take care of my kids." The cops who arrived at her home heard Sadia wailing inside and a child was crying as well, but the door was locked. Eventually Sadia herself unlocked the door and the police officers arrested her. Both her children were found naked in a tub upstairs.


The girl was lifeless and the brother was at her feet, crying. It is understood that she called 911 after the little girl's body went limp as she thought she'd killed her. "The defendant told detectives she could not do anything for her children, and they were not going to contribute to society, so it would be better that they die, and she decided to kill them," wrote prosecutors. Sadia herself revealed that she choked her son first, but then she felt that her daughter should die first. The officers who got to the scene said she was unresponsive and they immediately started emergency care on her.


"She was not responsive upon initial contact and they began life-saving breathing medical attention until Tacoma Fire arrived on scene and took that over," said Assistant Chief Dave Woods from the Fife Police Department. The children were immediately rushed to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, where the toddler is still in critical condition, but the boy is stable. The father, who also lives in the same house, was out for work at the time. Now, Sadia has been charged with attempted murder on two counts and her bail is being held at Pierce County Jail on a $1million bond. 


She will appear in court next on June 15th, according to The Sun. It is understood that if the little girl dies in the hospital, Sadia will ve charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. However, her motive behind this is still unclear “This is still kind of a mystery to us. We’re trying to contemplate why this would’ve occurred. It’s difficult to understand,” added Assistant Chief Wood.  “Our investigation is still ongoing and hopefully we’ll have some additional answers in the near future." Sadia's neighbors are now praying that the little girl makes it. “It’s bothering me a lot, I pray for her. I just hope she makes it,” said neighbor Larry DeWolf. “I hate people that harm children.”


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