Mother Of 11 Says Having A Big Family Is Not As Bad As It Seems: "I'd Have Maybe Four More"

Mother Of 11 Says Having A Big Family Is Not As Bad As It Seems: "I'd Have Maybe Four More"

“It does not feel like I have lots of kids – it feels normal," says the Britni Church.

Image Source: Facebook/Britni Church

Britni Church gave birth to her first child just six days after her 16th birthday, as per The Sun. Now 31-years-old, Church is mom to another 10 children, with her eldest being 15 and the youngest three just a year old. However, Church says that big families are often misunderstood. “We are just like everyone else,” the mom of 11 from Arkansas City, Kansas, tells CafeMom. “People assume a lot of things about us that just aren’t true.” Church and her husband Chris go through around 600 nappies a week, along with about $300 for groceries, which include 66 cartons of milk and five boxes of cereal. 




But, despite the financial strain, Church says she's open to having at least four more kids, but that's only if her kids are okay with it. “I hope we’ll try to have another girl still. I don’t think I would ever have more than 15 kids but then again I never thought I’d have 11 kids. I thought I would have maybe four kids maximum." Believe it or not, Church initially had plans to only have four children, but that evidently failed. I mean, 15-year-old Crizman; Jordan, 14; Caleb, 13; Jace, 12; Cadence, 10; Jesalyn, 8; Silas, 5; Christopher Jr., 3; and her 1-year-old triplets, Oliver, Asher, and Abel, are proof enough. 




Church adds that she loves the constant company she has. “It does not feel like I have lots of kids – it feels normal. If any of the kids said, ‘you can’t have anymore’ l would accept that it’s too much.” She then revealed that she originally have five kids with her now ex-husband. “My [current] husband and I met when I was a single mom of six,” she explains. “I had my oldest five with my now ex-husband and then my sixth child has a separate dad from the others.” They broke up in 2010 and Church spent some time living her life. She unexpectedly got pregnant and gave birth to her sixth child.




“I felt lots of shame about getting pregnant the sixth time because I always wanted my children to have the same dad," said Church. “But when Jesalyn was born she was so innocent, precious, and beautiful. All of the shame went away immediately. She was perfect. I stopped caring what people thought." For three years, before she met Chris in 2014, she raised her children alone. Things went from 0 to 100 real quick and in June 2015, they got married and had their first child together, Church's 7th baby. “Chris calls them his own though and treats them all like his own kids,” she says.




However, two years later, Church and Chris learned that they were expecting again, though it was not a part of their plan. “We were in the process of buying a house and had planned to wait until spring 2019 to start trying,” she recalls. Chris was hoping for a daughter, “and even our oldest four girls hope we have another girl.” Little did they know that they were having triplets. “We got the surprise of a lifetime at 17 weeks along, when we went to a private ultrasound place and she said there were three babies in there,” she says. “It is a moment we will never forget for sure. We are so thankful for them.”




Church now hopes that by sharing her story, she can help others feel like they're not alone. “I see so many moms, single moms, young moms, moms of large families, moms of one, that remind me of myself. There are days I felt so alone,” she says. “I just want to be that one mom they can say, Hey, I’m not alone. She’s been here. If she can do this, I can do this.” She added that all she really wants is for people to realize “we’re all just people, doing our best.” “Instead of judging another mom for being different, try to celebrate that difference,” she said. “Especially online. Find something kind to say. Or just refrain from hurtful words. Don’t be so quick to judge someone who isn’t exactly like you.” 





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