Mom Brutally Kills Daughter By Gouging Her Eyes Out, And Chewing Her Severed Tongue

Mom Brutally Kills Daughter By Gouging Her Eyes Out, And Chewing Her Severed Tongue

Josimare Gomes da Silva, 30, had locked herself and her girl, 5, inside a bathroom before committing the crime during an episode of psychotic rage.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of child abuse and murder that may be disturbing to some readers. 

A Brazilian woman has been accused of brutally killing her 5-year-old daughter during an episode of psychotic rage. 30-year-old Josimare Gomes da Silva's daughter died a painful death after her mother allegedly gouged her eyes out before chopping off her tongue and chewing on it. The revolting incident took place on January 24 in the suspect's home situated in the municipality of Maravilha in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. It was the victim's grandfather, Marinho da Silva, who discovered the disturbing crime after Josimare locked herself in the bathroom with her daughter for over 30 minutes.


According to the Daily Mail, Marinho became extremely concerned after spotting a trail of blood and water flowing in the drain behind their home. The worried grandfather immediately sprang into action after this and broke into the bathroom only to find the lifeless body of Brenda Carollyne Pereira da Silva lying beside her mother Josimare. Per The Sun, the woman seemed to be praying in a daze as she was clutching onto a pair of scissors when Marinho discovered the horrific ordeal. The child's eyes had been gouged out and her tongue had been cut off using a pair of scissors, according to investigators. They believe that Brenda was alive when the horrendous injuries were inflicted on her and that she died after succumbing to them. 


After police arrived at the scene, they saw the suspect holding a rosary and praying next to her daughter's corpse. Josimare reportedly had to be sedated and taken to the police station in the nearby municipality of Delmiro Gouveia. The following morning she gave a garbled statement to the police in several languages, including Spanish. In the otherwise unintelligible statement, Josimare denied gouging her daughter's eyes out and placing her severed tongue in her own mouth, according to the New York Post. Brazilian outlet Folha de Alagoas reported that Josimare confessed to killing Brenda because her daughter had been possessed by a devil. She insisted that her child was still alive and that she had only killed the demon who was residing inside her daughter. 


Josimare has a history of mental health issues, including depression, and she is believed to have viciously murdered her daughter during a psychotic episode. The mother was taken into custody right after the crime and was held at a police station in Delmiro Gouveia. She was supposed to be transferred to a women's prison situated in the capital of the state, Maceio, but was taken to the Hospital of Custody and Psychiatric Treatment for a full psychological and psychiatric evaluation at the request of Maravilha district attorney Kleytione Pereira. The case is currently under investigation. 

A similar incident unfolded in Texas when a mother stabbed her four-year-old girl to allegedly "save her" before dumping the body in the trash can. In August last year, Krystal Lewandowski called the cops and told them that her daughter Czara Lewandowski was missing. While giving Czara's description to the dispatcher, she was asked about the last time she saw her. This is when the mother confessed saying, "OK, maybe I should just tell you now. OK, so last night I was advised to slit her throat." When asked about the location of her daughter's body, Lewandowski revealed that she had placed her remains in a trash can situated in her backyard. 


Officers immediately arrived at the scene and found the lifeless body of Czara and at around 11:51 am on August 24, the child was pronounced dead by a Fort Worth fire dispatcher. While being questioned by police, the woman repeatedly said that she murdered her girl the day before because someone had told her to do so or that something worse would happen to her. The woman's 18-month son was present inside the house at the time of the murder, but officers found him in an unharmed condition. Krystal was charged with capital murder. "It is very hard," said Fort Worth Officer Buddy Calzada. "I talked to one of the officers on the scene. We have to make sure our officers are okay. We have a child that has been murdered. The reality of it is this is a very sad case. Us as police, we don't get to dial 911."

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