Mom Kicked Off Plane For Showing Too Much Cleavage: "She’s Not Coming On My Plane"

Mom Kicked Off Plane For Showing Too Much Cleavage: "She’s Not Coming On My Plane"

The mother of two reeled in shock after she was asked to get off the EasyJet plane from Spain. When she was escorted out of the aircraft and confronted by the Police as to why this was happening, she broke down. Even the Police were astounded at the behavior of the flight crew.

A mother of two was on her way back from her two-weekends stay at a relative's house. Harriet Osborne, 31, chose to throw on an ensemble of a black lace top while boarding a low-cost airline. Unfortunately, the other passengers did not agree with her choice of clothing and had her removed from the plane, according to The Sun. What shocked her the most was the behavior of an EasyJet's flight attendant who reportedly tried to cover her up with her hands!


According to a source at The Sun, the passengers on board the flight directed their complaints regarding Osbourne's visible nipple towards the flight crew. They expressed that her semi-transparent top was not suitable for children present on the plane. Defending herself, the 31-year-old insisted that she was wearing nipple covers and tape to cover the region, however, she was not allowed back onto the flight. Due to this unplanned break in the journey, Osborne was forced to sleep on the floor at the Malaga airport in the company of a friend before they took another flight home the following day.


Recalling the shocking incident she told the news outlet, "The crew were horrible and made me feel cheap. This air hostess confronted me in front of the whole plane and said I wasn’t allowed on in that top." Explaining how the air hostess treated her she said, "She said to me, 'Oh no, move to the side,' and tried to cover me up with my hands." After this whole thing went down she was asked to put on a less revealing top in order to board the plane. "She said, 'You’re not coming on my plane like that — you need to put a top on'".


Due to the nature of this demand, Osbourne had to comply to the hostesses' instructions, when she returned after putting on an "acceptable" piece of top, she was still shockingly asked to deboard the plane. Further continuing her stance on the story she said, "Then she ordered me off the plane, so of course I put a top on. When I tried to get back on she turned to the ground crew and said, "She’s not coming on my plane.'" Of course, this understandably drove Osbourne mad with anger. "I was escorted away from the aircraft. I was in shock. It was so sexist!" she exclaimed.


Unable to hold her emotions back, the mother of two burst into tears after this incident. On her way back to the terminal she was questioned by the Spanish police, who were reportedly as much in shock as her. "I just burst out crying. We had to walk back through the terminal where Spanish police stopped to question us. They were baffled when I told them why we’d been kicked off," she said. The Southwold, Suffolk-based makeup artist had to spend another £149 to get another flight the next day.


Revealing the fact that she hardly ever shows off her body at home, she confessed how it was the holiday mood that persuaded her to try on something like this, however, such an experience on the flight has now left her self-conscious. "I never show my body off at home but I felt spontaneous as I was on holiday. It made me feel so self-conscious," she said.


The EasyJet made a statement saying, "We can confirm that a passenger traveling from Malaga to Stansted on 23 June was unable to travel due to behaving disruptively." They further continued, "Following concerns about her clothing crew politely requested that the customer wear an additional top for the flight which the customer agreed to. However, she then proceeded to act disruptively towards a member of our crew." Shifting the blame on to the makeup artist they said, "Our cabin and ground crew are trained to assess all situations and to act quickly and appropriately. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior towards our staff."










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