Mom Wakes Up From Coma 2 Months After Volcano Eruption Only To Find Husband And Daughter Have Died

Mom Wakes Up From Coma 2 Months After Volcano Eruption Only To Find Husband And Daughter Have Died

She was in a medically-induced coma when her husband was laid to rest.

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On December 9, a volcano eruption in New Zealand claimed the lives of 21 people. According to New Zealand police, the volcanic eruption occurred on White Island — also known by its Maori name, Whakaari. The fatal blast occurred just after 2 p.m. while 47 travelers — who were from the United States, Australia, China, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom — were on the island. An Australian woman survived the volcano eruption but went into a coma. However, when she woke up two months later, she learned that her loved ones had tragically died in the eruption, reports People




Lisa Dallow, 48, heard the news that her husband Gavin Dallow, 53, and daughter Zoe Hosking, 15, died when she recently woke up from her medically induced coma, a family spokesperson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday. Lisa suffered 60 percent burns to her body and is being treated at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne reports The Australian.



"It took her a while for it to sink in and then she just kept saying she can’t believe they have died," a representative for the family told the Adelaide Advertiser. "She remembers it exploding and then telling everyone to run. She then recalled how rocks were falling everywhere and hitting her on the back. She remembers thinking 'when are they going to come and rescue us?' The next thing she knows is she is in hospital and wondering where she was."



9 News reported that Lisa was still in a medically induced coma when her husband, Gavin, was laid to rest at Adelaide Oval last month. "We’ve got to be careful with anything we say to her because she’s very traumatized by what happened and it’s quite emotional," Dallow’s father-in-law Brian Dallow said, adding that she is "not entirely out of the woods." Her daughter Zoe's funeral had been delayed in the hopes that Dallow would be able to make it, according to the New Zealand Herald. But it seems unlikely that she would because of the extent of her injuries. 



Her sister-in-law Meredith said,  "Obviously Lisa had no input into Gavin’s funeral. So they [family] want her to be able to have a bit of a say, even though she won’t be able to attend, in what she wants for Zoe. It means she hasn’t been able to attend her husband’s funeral or Zoe’s funeral. All she can do is watch the video."




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