Bride's MIL Arrives In Wedding Dress For Her Son's Wedding: "There's No Malice In Her Heart"

Bride's MIL Arrives In Wedding Dress For Her Son's Wedding: "There's No Malice In Her Heart"

Author Amy Pennza had to endure an unusually awkward moment at her wedding when her mother-in-law stepped into the wedding wearing a white dress.

Image Source: Twitter/Amy Pennza

Walking the aisle in a pretty white dress on a wedding day is a dream for a vast majority of women. It's the one time of their life they get to be the star of the show—the center of attention where hundreds of eyeballs are trained at them, reveling in their beauty. It's a rare feeling they wouldn't want to give it up for anyone, not least their future mother-in-law. According to Daily Mail, that's exactly what happened with Amy Pennza, a romance novelist, as her soon to be mother-in-law stepped in wearing a brighter and a more extravagant white dress than the elegant one Pennza had chosen for herself. 

The story came to light when Jimmy Fallon put out a tweet in June last year asking people to share their biggest wedding fails for a chance to have their story featured on The Tonight Show.  While some shared memories of their grooms forgetting their vows, others talked about how they fell during the first dance, but what Pennza shared practically broke the internet. "So, yeah. top that one," she tweeted in response, along with a photo of her and her mother-in-law, Terri, in their respective attires. 


The tweet naturally piqued a lot of people's interest and soon after responses started piling up in the thousands, each responder asking for the full story. User Erica Joy wrote: "I need the story. What was her justification? Was there an emergency?" as hundreds of others jumped in to support her and prodding her to know what she did. User The Black Queen wrote about how all hell would break loose if a similar thing happened to her: "If this happens on my wedding day.... it's wrap...someone has to die. What happened AFTER this photo...the world needs answers???" Govneh “Boliver” Shagnasty, meanwhile, mentioned his own wedding incident and wrote: "I thought I had top rights after my mom brought her own cake to my wedding, but damn. You win, hands down." Pennza didn't outright narrate what exactly happened in the aftermath except pointing out that her fist was clenched when asked about the rage she must have felt.


Less than a week after the wedding and the Jimmy Fallon response, she penned a piece for Glamour magazine. Explaining the incident, Pennza said: "On the day of my wedding, I was getting ready in a little chamber at the church with my bridal party. Then my mother-in-law walked in, wearing a wedding dress. I remember saying, "You could be the bride!" She cringed a little, and knew at that moment she'd made an error. I talked about it a bit with my bridesmaids, but then I didn't think about it for the rest of the day, because I was in a fog. Luckily, none of the guests brought it up to me (though I'm sure they talked about it among themselves). There wasn't a big, screeching moment of "What?!" So it didn't even register until a few days later."


She continued: "Because to know my mother-in-law is to know that there is zero malice in her heart—the woman just can't resist a sale (and the dress was significantly marked down). My mother-in-law's frugality is the stuff of legends." Pennza explained how her mother-in-law would hoard ketchup packets and refill her bottles with them or takes the olives and celery off of a Bloody Mary for a salad. Things still weren't clear as to why someone could be as frugal as that, and that's when Pennza revealed that her husband's mother had grown up in such poor conditions that she ate match heads to sustain herself. "She didn't know it at the time, but that's the kind of thing you crave when you have a nutritional deficiency, and she was malnourished."


Despite the gaffe, which is sure to have agitated her to no end, Pennza explains she has great admiration for her. "The thing I admire about her so much is that despite her love of saving a buck, she's very generous. And an amazing grandmother (who has taught my kids not only to cook but to check candy vending machines for loose pieces)."


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