Heartless Mom Stabs Newborn Son 22 Times To Death Before Tossing His Body In The Garbage

Heartless Mom Stabs Newborn Son 22 Times To Death Before Tossing His Body In The Garbage

Anastasia Skorychenko killed her newborn infant because of her family's financial situation

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Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of infanticide that some readers may find disturbing

Mothers are often considered to be protective, loving, and caring for their children. However, this mother didn't quite fit that description when she killed her newborn baby in cold blood. Anastasia Skorychenko, a resident of Ukraine, stabbed her infant son 22 times with a pair of nail scissors. During a hearing last week in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, the court was informed that the mother-of-three committed the crime just moments after delivering him on her balcony. According to the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old woman eventually confessed to her heinous crime, and defended her atrocious actions saying "the baby was unwanted" and that "she could not afford it."



Skorychenko, who has two daughters aged 7 and 4, decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. Thus, when she went into labor, she did not call for an ambulance or rush to a hospital to seek medical attention. Instead, she went to the balcony to deliver the baby herself. At the time, her daughters and their grandmother were sleeping inside the house. Skorychenko, who did not want to wake them up, made her way to the balcony, crouched over a plastic basin, and delivered a healthy boy into the world. 



Little did the baby know that the woman who gave birth to him did not want him. Shortly after birth, Skorychenko used nail scissors to cut the umbilical cord before pressing her left hand against the newborn's face so he would not cry or scream, the court heard. She then stabbed the child while holding him in her right hand, states the court documents. When the boy's body became unresponsive, Skorychenko placed his remains in a plastic bag, carried it outside, before heartlessly tossing him into a garbage container situated near her apartment block.



It was not until the following morning that a local resident spotted the mutilated body of the infant. She immediately alerted the police and called an ambulance. Skorychenko was taken into custody several hours after the corpse was found. She even confessed to the murder while being interviewed by the cops. She was sentenced to two years in prison. During the sentencing, a prosecutor detailed the gory details of her sordid crime. "The mother inflicted 22 stab and cut wounds in the neck, chest, abdomen, and limbs of the baby. The injuries of varying degrees of severity were inflicted shortly before the child's death," they said.



After being examined by the forensics, it was determined that the baby was perfectly healthy at the time of birth. He died due to the horrific injuries inflicted on him by his own mother. The Zavodskoy District Court was told that Skorychenko did not wish to take care of her baby as she believed the added expense of a third child would have worsened her family's financial situation.



Attempting to rule out any mental health issue that may have led to the crime, tests were conducted by officials. Examinations revealed that the mother did not suffer from any mental disorder or postpartum depression. On January 5, the 30-year-old mother was charged with premeditated murder of her child and was sentenced to spend two years in jail. Although the punishment could have been harsher, the judges in the case decided to soften their decision after taking into account that the mother did admit her guilt and ultimately confessed to her crimes. 


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