Mom Brutally Beats Her 2-Year-Old Son To Death Beyond Recognition, Gets Charged With Murder

Mom Brutally Beats Her 2-Year-Old Son To Death Beyond Recognition, Gets Charged With Murder

An autopsy revealed that the 2-year-old baby, whose mom Julia reported him missing on June 24, died from two skull fractures.

A 2-year-old boy who was reported 'missing' by his mother last June, was found dead and decomposing inside a city-run trash incinerator plant in Hampton, Virginia. The mother, Julia Tomlin, 35, now stands accused of killing him. She appeared briefly in court on Monday to defend the charge against her, according to the Daily Press. However, it is still unclear whether she had entered a formal plea prior to her scheduled hearing on December 9th. 

The boy Noah Tomlin was found dead from two fatal fractures to his skull. The Hampton Commonwealth's Attorney Anton Bell said that the injuries "were not only severe but horrific" in a news conference on Thursday. The fractures sustained by the toddler were accompanied by jaw dislocations, hip displacements and bruised ribs which look like they had been healing for a while — suggesting long term abuse of some sort, according to Bell.



 “I have been prosecuting for more than 20-plus years, and I’ve seen some very graphic things,” said Bell. “I’ve seen some very horrific crime scenes and have actually gone to an autopsy. And nothing really kind of grabs you like seeing a child, or a toddler, being the victim of a crime.”

The mother, Julia, had been taken into custody and charged with three counts of child neglect upon the police launching their search to find the missing [now dead] boy. "The additional charges of murder and disposal of a deceased person were filed after a medical examiner concluded in an autopsy report that Noah died from blunt force trauma and battered child syndrome", said Bell.



The medical examiner analyzed the dead toddler's body and documented signs of the alleged abuse. His notes included  “the types of injuries that you would find that would literally stop the growth of bones … due to either some severe disease, such as cancer, or some type of abuse – or even malnutrition,” said Bell.



His mother had initially reported him missing on June 24th from her home in Buckroe Beach. The autopsy report of the boy that was released on Thursday by Bell suggested that there may have been another individual involved, who drove the child's body to the dumpster after the mother had found out that he was dead, but no one else has been taken into custody as of now. 





The court themselves appointed assistant public defender Ryan Asalone as an attorney for Julia. Asalone had earlier been named to represent Julia on the child neglect charges, and on Monday, Judge Robert Wilson V took charge of the public defender's office to continue representing her on the latest allegations, according to the report. 



The accused [Julia] is currently being held at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. The prison records do not state any kind of bond information being made available. “Justice looks like Julia Tomlin being held fully accountable for the death of her son, and to me, that’s prison,” said Bell.


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